1. Hartinez

    Stand Build #9 - Shohin Mountainscape

    Decided to make something a little smaller. I wanted a dedicated shohin stand. The general Shape was inspired by a stand @Brian Van Fleet uses often when photographing his shohin. I had acquired this large plum burl and just sliced it up last weekend and that’s what makes the lighter wood...
  2. Hartinez

    Stand build #6 - Cabriolet leg and live edge corbel

    Just finished this stand today. I had cut the legs and corbel pieces months ago, but just this last week I had some time free up and was inspired. I also repurposed the top from Stand build 3. that stand was just not robust enough to withstand my constant moving of it, so I took it apart with...
  3. Hartinez

    Stand build #5 mountain scape

    Newest stand. Found this piece of wood that was from a tree cookie in the scrap bin of my local wood shop. Not sure the variety. Thought immediately it looked like a mountain range. Fun opportunity for a stand. I waffled on several ideas for execution. This one is big. 18” long, 12” wide...
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