dark spots

  1. S

    Crispy edges and dark spots on new acquisition

    Hello, I am a long time lurker that is dipping my toe in the water for the first time. I acquired a lovely Japanese Maple last weekend. I don't know where whether it came from near or far. At first I thought it might have gotten a bit sunburned on new tips but as I look closer, I see some...
  2. D

    Spots in leaves (Wisteria , Trident Maple and Vitis)

    Hello all, I've been searching for help about a problem with some of my trees, there as spots and a bad condition of some leaves. I've seen some that sugest that it might be fungus and others say that it can be some nutrient deficiency. Can you plase help? The Vitis and the Wisteria have been...
  3. Moxie

    Yucca Elephantipes - Dark Spots

    I brought a sick Yucca Elephantipes plant home about 2-3 weeks ago - the plant had many dark spots on the leaves. I can see new healthy growth but not sure what to do about the dark spots. Based on my research, these could be related to bacterial leaf spot but I could be wrong and would greatly...
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