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  1. F

    Care of Dawn Redwood Bonsai on summer. Help please.

    Greetings. I recently acquired a forest of 5 Dawn Redwood Bonsai which arrived to my home full of life as you can see in the first picture. I decided to put it outside the window and water it once per day. I live in an island in Spain with a humidity of 50-70% and temperatures between 30 and 34...
  2. S

    Dawn Redwood Rooting?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on Bonsai Nut, but I have around 30 bonsai and have been working with them for approximately five years. I recently went on vacation for six days, and to keep my plants alive, I placed them in a circle with two sprinklers in the middle. All my bonsai are in...
  3. bendem

    Dawn Redwood leaves getting brown & wilted

    Hi folks - I'm a bonsai newbie on my second year growing out a pre-bonsai dawn redwood. A couple days ago, I noticed it has several leaves that have turned brown and wilted, which are scattered across the tree. We had a couple prematurely hot days over the weekend (almost 90*), but I gave the...
  4. F

    Dawn Redwood damage.

    I have three young Dawn Redwood trees planted this year. During a storm last night my miniature greenhouse got knocked over and the three trees took some severe damage. I’ve repotted all three and am ready to put them back outside but which each losing at least one of it’s branches is there any...
  5. JBP_85

    End of Season Update

    Hi Everyone, With summer ending I wanted to give an update on how my RoR Trident Maple progress as well as share some other progress pics of my other trees. I've taken the advice of others here and decided to just let the seedlings grow. I think they've done quite well bit welcome thoughts...
  6. bendem

    Thickening dawn redwood trunk ... pruning = bad?

    Hi - Bonsai newbie here. I got a dawn redwood in May this year and it appears to be growing well. Trunk is around an inch in diameter at its base, and so far I've just been focused on trying to keep it healthy and thickening the trunk. Eventually I'll look to do a trunk chop and work on...
  7. Bonsai Buddy

    Dawn Redwood foliage problem.

    Hi all! Just a quick question. As you can see from the photos some of the foliage on my dawn redwood is turning reddish brown. :( Could it be too much fertilizer? I hope that it’s not something worse. I fed it with an 18-4-10 slow release fert in teabags for about a month and a half, and then...
  8. cornfed

    Have you seen a Dawn Redwood sprout from seed?

    If so, does it look like this? 🤞🤞 (Sown on May 1st in 50-50 Peat & #1 Chicken Grit, misted twice daily, in greenhouse)
  9. D

    Dawn Redwood 20" with 1.5" trunk questions

    Just a few questions, and I know you all can help. I recently acquired this Dawn Redwood tree described in the title and need some direction. Note: I live in zone 6A western Pennsylvania. There are so many conflicting strategies from all of the bonsai pages and I don't know what to believe...
  10. G

    Out of town, potential frost help!

    Recently purchased little (2 foot) Dawn Redwood in zone 6a. Still in nursey pot. I left town for a few days and had watering set up, but the forecast changed and now the next few nights are supposed to get down to 28-30 degree F. There are a lot of buds on the tree currently. If I was home, I...
  11. Scott B

    Dawn Redwood and Oak seedlings in trouble

    Hey all! I hope this is the right forum for this thread, if I need to post to a different one no worries. Looking for advice on how to keep my last three year-old Dawn Redwood seedlings alive. I’m unsure if the browning and shedding of leaves is from dehydration, lack of fertiliser or lack of...
  12. JBP_85

    New Trees

    Hi Everyone, I just acquired some new trees and figured I’d share them with the group. @cbroad mentioned that Meehans Miniatures in Maryland was in my area so I went with them and ordered a Dawn Redwood, Trident Maple, and a Bald Cypress. Once I am able to more freely travel I plan on going...
  13. A

    Tree Identification

    Hi this is the first tree I have purchased. It was sold to me as a Dawn Redwood but I’m not so sure. First off, the leaves are still green. I assume a dawn redwood would at least have its fall colors by now if not have already dropped its leaves. Secondly, the tree has two types of foliage...
  14. T

    Pruning/Training For Colorado Blue Spruce, Bald Cypress & Dawn Redwood

    Good day all, my first post on the site, hope to make some friends. I am in NYC {USDA plant zone 7B} and have a great backyard and quite a few years of growing a wide range of plants and gardening etc. I have recently been gifted three beautiful deciduous bonsai all three in the upright style...
  15. 9C597177-4504-47AC-AD4A-809A9B7004F3.JPG


    Dawn Redwood first pot
  16. FDDC25C1-E772-4ECC-BDEF-CC4B6F435FD8 2.JPG

    FDDC25C1-E772-4ECC-BDEF-CC4B6F435FD8 2.JPG

  17. FreeFlyer

    Finally getting in to Bonsai after YEARS of interest. My first tree (Nursery Stock)

    First post here. I've been interested in Bonsai for many many years. There was always some excuse or reason not to start...No more I say. After many YouTube videos of professionals (Peter Chan at Herons, and Bonsai Mirai mainly), and lurking here for about a month, I decided to start looking for...
  18. Bonds Guy

    Round 2 of the Ebihara Method

    Last season I took a whack at the Ebihara method and, well that tree is dead now. I figured since it’s a new season, why not try again and hopefully not kill this one. So here’s my 2nd attempt at the Ebihara method:
  19. Brad in GR

    Dawn Redwood material - opine at will!

    So I went to my first show at Meijer Gardens today. I spent three hours looking at everything and biding my time. But this dawn... it’s massive, healthy, gnarly and I like the carving as an option... and the root base is quite nice imo. So I gave in. I don’t regret it for a minute. With that...
  20. S

    Re-Locating A Dawn Redwood Grouping

    I am new to the bonsai world and last year (September) ordered a Dawn Redwood (5 tree grouping) to get my feet wet. When ordered I lived in San Diego, and although it took until January for the leaves to fall, the trees seemed to do very well. I did my first pruning in February (once I saw the...
  21. S

    Re-location Advice

    I am new to the bonsai world and last year (September) ordered a Dawn Redwood (5 tree grouping) to get my feet wet. When ordered I lived in San Diego, and although it took until January for the leaves to fall, the trees seemed to do very well. I did my first pruning in February (once I saw the...
  22. Aaron S.

    Dawn Redwood

    A couple of months ago I got this Dawn Redwood from death row at a local nursery for $1.50. I figured at that price, there isn't much to lose. At the time of purchase it was in a 2 inch square pot and had very little green. Once I got it home I re-potted it and found that even with the real...
  23. Microraptor_123

    Dawn redwood illnesses/diseases

    I repotted this dawn redwood one week ago to correct an earlier mistake (roots were on very bottom of pot, as opposed to having soil underneath). It still has brown/yellow spotted leaves. Ive noticed that new growth on old branches is normal, however, new branches have severely brown and...
  24. Sn0W

    Dawn Redwood Clean Up

    So as per a previous post, I picked up 4 'Matthaei Broom' Dawn Redwoods from a local nursery. I wanted 2 originally but after speaking to the owner she offered me a 4 for 3 as she'd had them for years and wanted to get rid. Today I cleaned them up, removed some whorls and a lot of problem...
  25. Sn0W

    Metasequoia Glyptostroboides 'Matthaei Broom'

    I visited a semi local nursery the other day and found they had a huge collection (40 - 50) of Dawn Redwoods. They had clearly been there a long time as they had attached themselves to the floor through the bottom of the pots. The trunks ranged from 2 - 7 inches roughly and I thought they'd make...
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