dawn redwood

  1. K5ATG

    Dawn Redwood

    A couple of months ago I got this Dawn Redwood from death row at a local nursery for $1.50. I figured at that price, there isn't much to lose. At the time of purchase it was in a 2 inch square pot and had very little green. Once I got it home I re-potted it and found that even with the real...
  2. Microraptor_123

    Dawn redwood illnesses/diseases

    I repotted this dawn redwood one week ago to correct an earlier mistake (roots were on very bottom of pot, as opposed to having soil underneath). It still has brown/yellow spotted leaves. Ive noticed that new growth on old branches is normal, however, new branches have severely brown and...
  3. Sn0W

    Dawn Redwood Clean Up

    So as per a previous post, I picked up 4 'Matthaei Broom' Dawn Redwoods from a local nursery. I wanted 2 originally but after speaking to the owner she offered me a 4 for 3 as she'd had them for years and wanted to get rid. Today I cleaned them up, removed some whorls and a lot of problem...
  4. Sn0W

    Metasequoia Glyptostroboides 'Matthaei Broom'

    I visited a semi local nursery the other day and found they had a huge collection (40 - 50) of Dawn Redwoods. They had clearly been there a long time as they had attached themselves to the floor through the bottom of the pots. The trunks ranged from 2 - 7 inches roughly and I thought they'd make...
  5. daudelus

    Dawn redwood ... opinions wanted

    I have a dawn redwood volunteer seedling that I had been allowing to grow in its original spot for a couple seasons... some animal chewed it down to a nub last winter, so I dug it up and replanted it in a growing bed with some better compost... it has recovered from being an animal's meal...
  6. Hobbyist

    First Bonsai- Dawn Redwood

    Hello, Never had a Bonsai before and never posted in a forum before, but i read forums regularly and I have read tons of threads on this site! So to the Bonsai! My friend and I started growing Dawn Redwod or aka metasequoia to plant as wind breaks in our yard. Planted over 250 from seed...
  7. George Small

    Dawn Redwood

    Any advice is welcome. When is the best time to trim ? Also what type / style pot would be the best. Tree is currently 44" tall. It was grown in grown and was potted about 18 months ago. Very healthy. Thanks G.
  8. Polcyn

    Dawn Redwood (dinosaur bonsai!)

    So in searching for trees for my young collection of future bonsai I read about the Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) and was immediately amazed by this tree's rebirth back in the forties. So obviously I bought one as soon as I could!!! Thank you "The Hidden Gardens" in...
  9. N

    Over-wintering Young Dawn Redwood

    I have a pot of 5 very young dawn redwoods (I only planted the seeds this past spring). Up until now, I've just kept them in front of an east facing window (the only window in my condo that actually gets light due to all the trees around). Now that it's mid-November, I'm trying to figure out...
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