1. Ferg91

    Judas tree, & 3 species of redwood stratification/germination

    Hello I currently live in St. Louis Missouri in USA. Six months into doing bonsai‘s and thus far I have been unable to germinate any Judas. I am roughly 1 for 100 in the redwood area. (Still alive but accidentally burn the starting leaf’s, growth is extremely slow but fully recovered from...
  2. LittleDingus

    Redwood family progression

    This is my redwood family from almost exactly 1 year ago. August 15, 2019 by the timestamp on the photo. The far left is a dawn redwood I had planted from seed back in January of 2019. The middle is a coastal redwood and the far right is a giant sequioa. Both were bought as plugs when the...
  3. Dawn Redwood

    Dawn Redwood

    Rear view of the roots
  4. Dawn Redwood

    Dawn Redwood

    Front View Roots
  5. Dawn Redwood

    Dawn Redwood

  6. Dawn Redwood

    Dawn Redwood

    I purchased this dawn Redwood from a Member of the Santa Cruz Bonsai Kai two and a half years ago. The tree was in a deep plastic pot with no roots showing. Last year i started removing it from its pot and kept raking away the soil. After almost 9 inches of dirt was removed i found the hair...
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