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    Care of Dawn Redwood Bonsai on summer. Help please.

    Greetings. I recently acquired a forest of 5 Dawn Redwood Bonsai which arrived to my home full of life as you can see in the first picture. I decided to put it outside the window and water it once per day. I live in an island in Spain with a humidity of 50-70% and temperatures between 30 and 34...
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    Dawn Redwood wilting

    I am sad! I have had this dawn redwood for about 2 months. It was doing fine and sprouting new leafs. However... it was root bound and i decided to repot it and also give it form by wiring. New soil mix is ~60% akadama , ~25% pumice and ~15% bonsai soil. I did prune the roots too, about 30-40%...
  3. Dawn redwood forest

    Dawn redwood forest

    My Dawn redwood forest
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