dead or alive

  1. F

    Any Hope for my Satsuki Bonsai?

    I received this azalea bonsai through the mail as a gift during a 100+ heatwave. Since it is an outdoor plant I did not bring it inside to my air conditioned home. Was this a mistake? The first time I went to check on it, all the beautiful green leaves were sticking straight up. Never seen...
  2. T

    Help with Bald Cypress

    Hello.. I feel absolutely awful for having to write this but want to try to ask for help before it’s possibly too late. I bought a Bald Cypress on Facebook marketplace around 5 months ago. Here is a picture on the first day I got it. A beautiful tree, originally from Florida. I live in an...
  3. R

    Is this tree dead?

    Hey I was wondering what type of bonsai this is and if it is dead. thanks :)
  4. Andrew R.

    Is this tree dead? Is there any hope?

    Hello- I am new to bonsai and would greatly appreciate any advice on this tree. I believe it is a Chinese sweet plum (Sageretia theezans) and I've had it for about seven months. I've had some minor issues with it in the past such as leaves dropping and browning but I was able to get it to...
  5. Potsofgreen

    Are my oaks dead?

    Hello guys and gals new to the site but I’ve been lurking around on various posts for years just doing research and learning I’ve been into the hobby for years but this past year fully dived in with multiple trees and goals. I recently was able to acquire some coast live oaks (I live in SoCal)...
  6. R

    HELP! Is it dead?!

    Going to really open up, this is embarrassing for me. I’m 35 yo and my mom is alarmingly obsessed with her bonsai trees. One in particular mut or runt of them actually. I ? understand. It’s not even that big. Like I could fit it in my clear NFL stadium bag and no one would even flinch. Size...
  7. D

    1st and only bonsai dead?

    Hey all, I picked up a Japanese Maple last summer and I am afraid that it may be dead as it still has zero leaves on it to date. However, I am not ready to let it go because I can see buds attempting to grow on the branches but never getting far before apparently drying out. Here's what I...
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