dead wood

  1. electraus

    Rebleaching naturally occurring deadwood on a Utah juniper

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on here and I have no idea if I’m putting it in the right category, but I’m working on my first collected Utah juniper and it’s got some nice naturally occurring deadwood features. Unfortunately, as I was cleaning the flaky bark off of the trunk and branches...
  2. M

    Juniper Help

    Hey guys. I recently found what I believe is a red cedar aka eastern juniper in the woods in florida and I dug it out because it had nice features. I should’ve done more research on juniper before I drastically pruned it, because it turns out that juniper does not back bud on branches if...
  3. Storm87

    Deadwood features / rot on the main trunk (advice needed)

    Hi all, Last spring I managed to acquire a nice hedge maple (urban) yamadori. It doing oke, it survived a pretty dry and hot summer here in the Netherlands. The tree has some nice deadwood features on the main trunk, but also quite a deep hole. I would really like some general advice on how...
  4. Sn0W

    First Carving Attempt

    I, like most beginners, have a load of old privets that I've dragged home from various places around the city that I happen to come across being pulled out in my day to day. I have one that didn't have a lot of root but I potted it anyways and unsurprisingly it pretty much died all over except...
  5. Powerful Carpinus

    Powerful Carpinus

    Powerful Nebari
  6. ColinFraser

    $35 Trunk

    I picked up this japanese maple at a landscape nursery on my way home from work this evening . . . at a reduced price because it's damaged ;) So am I - we should get along fine.
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