1. Tntthunder

    What is this on my tree's deadwood?

    Created deadwood earlier this year and was told to let it dry and wear away in the elements so we didn't protect it. However I have noticed it's covered in this mold kind of looking stuff. It's only on the deadwood and not on the leaves/trunk, is this normal or is it an issue I need to worry...
  2. A

    Ligustrum Restoration/Development

    I’ve been tasked by my non-bonsai friend to ‘sort’ his Chinese privet. I repotted it in spring (lava, pumice, akadama and some regular potting compost added - my thinking was it would retain just that bit more water and nutrients to help a non-bonsai person care for it), and have now begun...
  3. Tntthunder

    Help me with my wiring? Advice with design?

    So I recently went to my first workshop and it was great, I learnt a lot and It made me a little more confident with trying to do things alone. However when it comes to wiring I am still not confident in my abilities and I was hoping to get advice on the wiring here? Basically I used a young...
  4. BobbyLane

    American Elm video

    This one definitely deserves its own thread! Love the work Arthur Joura did on this American elm, its so typical of the Oak trees we see here in the forests and parks. some of you may remember his posts from the old IBC forum, he does great work making trees look like real trees.
  5. electraus

    Any reliable guides on getting started with using power tools for carving and enhancing deadwood?

    Does anyone know of a guide or a book or a series of videos I can read/watch that at least gives a primer on the use of rotary tools/die grinders for the creation and enhancement of deadwood? More specifically, I want to know things like how to handle the tool, what the different bits do, what...
  6. Fishtank307

    Yamadori needle juniper

    I want to start sharing the progression of this large yamadori Tosho. I got it last year (for free!), from someone who bought it about 7 years, styled it, but then quit the hobby all together. She wanted this tree to be in good hands, rather than letting it die in her garden. When I got it, the...
  7. Sticks 'n' Triangles

    Privet Yardadori Loads of Deadwood, What to do? (ligustrum ovalifolium)

    My first time collecting somewhat of an actual tree, rather than a tiny sapling. Lots of carving to do in the future, I'm sure! This lovely lady let me dig up her privets that were clinging on to the bank, for free! I stuck one in a box and the other two were joined so put into a crate, as I...
  8. G

    When to create Jin on Scot’s pine England

    Hello all, I am new to working with pines and I have a Scot’s pine I want to create jins on the branches I won’t be using but I’m unsure on what time of year is best and if the tree will bleed out if I were to. I’m in England and it’s currently winter thanks sean
  9. Bonsaimancer

    Research hasn't answered this deadwood question...

    Hello, Long time lurker on this wonderful forum, but 1st question. I am the type of person who does copious online research and searches previous threads before ever asking questions, but I cannot answer this: does a tree with a completely deadwood trunk & limbs grow larger? I ask because I...
  10. D

    Tanuki suggestion requested

    My neighbor Cut down a limb of a very large Eastern red Cedar which landed in my backyard. I salvage this piece in the first picture. I want to use that for a Tanuki. I had planned on taking the bark off the smaller side branch and carving it, but my question is this: Would harm the living plant...
  11. ThornBc

    Hollow Cercidiphyllum stump

    This Cercidiphyllum japonicum stump spent several years in a corner of the back yard in the garden centre where I work, and for the last 3 I've been watching it rot, hoping it would gain character. The owner told me I can have it, and to show him what I can do with it, so I started some work on...
  12. P

    Portulacaria afra - deadwood & pot boundedness

    Hi, I've recently bought a Portulacaria Afra from a nursery store. I am a little concerned about 2 things and I would appreciate your help/advice on them: ================ 1st question ================ The nebari was heavily overgrown with moss due to just being in a greenhouse. So at the...
  13. D

    Acer palmatum deadwood

    Hi, I'm in south UK zone 9 and recently bough a neglected Acer palmatum over rock repoted 2-3 years ago on river pebbles? I'm thinking to continue strengthen it and repot in early spring on akadama and kiryu removing the fern but I'm afraid is beyond salvation! What would you do? particularly...
  14. Beech


    Fagus sylvatica
  15. 20180902_070713.jpg


    Ponderosa Pine dead wood. Mormon Lake area AZ.
  16. Hornbeam Hollow Trunk

    Hornbeam Hollow Trunk

  17. R3x

    Natural deadwood impressions

    On my holiday in Chalkidiki, Greece I found few very interesting pieces of deadwood worked out by sea. So I couldn't resist and filled all remaining space in the car with them and transported them all 1400km back home. Fortunately my wife has understanding for this. I include some photos of...
  18. Carpinus in training

    Carpinus in training

    Trees in progress, First steps
  19. PiñonJ

    White Fir (Abies concolor) fall collection

    Collected this Abies concolor last weekend. I had seen it in the spring and passed it up because the buds were already opened. Here's the current front. Here's the right side. Something killed the top and everything on this side. There was new growth on that side in the spring, which was...
  20. L

    Ficus question.

    This is my first post on this forum, and I'm pretty new to the bonsai game. I got a tree today that I could use some advice on. It's a ficus (not sure what one), with a lot of deadwood on it. From what I understand, the deadwood has been untreated for a couple years and it still pretty solid...
  21. RileyJFDB13


    Hello All, This pass week I have been at Yosemite National Park and I tried to take pictures when possible that some may draw inspiration from. Here are those photos: Root on rock, Crazy redwood Jin, Natural Clump styles Top that has died off and branch that took over.
  22. Keith m

    Deadwood Chinese larch

    Does any one have experience with deadwooding the top of a larch sorta going for the lightening strike look. Is that possible with these trees they are not very common where I live.
  23. BonsaiButler

    Ceanothus Cuneatus Yamadori

    Last time I reported about these trees, I had just collected them. Sorry to say all but one died (thirteen total). This little one is the only survivor.
  24. Joe R

    Input on my deadwood find.

    Hello everyone, my name is Joe. I'm pretty new to bonsai but I found this piece and wanted to get some adviceand ideas for it. It's actually a stump that's been dug up and flipped over. Thanks, Joe
  25. My deadwood find!

    My deadwood find!

    Any imputed or suggestions? It's actually a stump that has been dug up and turned upside down.
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