1. dragunrot

    Deciduous design

    Hello all. Today I'd like to learn and hear more about your thoughts on deciduous bonsai design. I've seen some very inspiring trees, and some that aren't so interesting. Here is a Cork bark elm I bought this year, and while it's been very pleasant to look at, I feel as if there's a better...
  2. D

    Newbie, confused about bonsai fertilization especially during winter times

    Hi 👋 I’m new to the bonsai growing and recently I was gifted with couple of bonsai trees. Searching online I have found one of them is deciduous, one of them is coniferous and other two are tropical indoor. One of my friends suggested to use fertilizer to keep them healthy state. With little...
  3. dragunrot

    Virginia Creeper Bonsai

    The Bonsai Club of Utah had a show this past weekend! Attended both days and saw this lovely Virginia Creeper for sale, had to get it.
  4. Deep Sea Diver

    Hanging at the Pacific Bonsai Museum

    Deep Sea Diver here. Since I’ve been volunteering at the Pacific Bonsai Museum for the better part of a year, I figured that I’d post some of the jobs the volunteers do over this year to give folks what goes on behind the scenes at the Museum. Some of you have seen my first job, debarking a...
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