1. ajm55555

    The life and troubles of Deshojo #2

    I finally decided to have one place to tell you the story of the second Deshojo I had in my life. The first one was, as far as I can remember, an innocent victim of the sun about 25 years ago. It's mostly a way to remind me not to repeat the errors I made and spot an issue I already met in time...
  2. ajm55555

    Some leaves dying on my Deshojo

    I'd like to know if anyone has experienced this. This Deshojo was attacked by spider mites this summer so I progressively defoliated it and by the beginning of September it had a new canopy. Now suddenly at the beginning of October some leaves had this strange occurrence: a small part of the...
  3. ajm55555

    My Deshojo got Verticillium

    I never thought I would write a post like this but now I'm pretty sure my loved Deshojo got Verticillium from an unsealed small pruned branch. I didn't think it was so easy for this fungus to enter a susceptible species. All the leaves of this branch, after leafing out fine this spring, suddenly...
  4. ajm55555

    Deshojo JM Care

    This is my absolute favorite species and the first tree I had (and killed :-( ) I read a lot about it but I still haven't understood many things. The most shocking article was Walter Pall's on his world famous tree that got killed probably by Verticillium wilt or another fungus. Does anyone...
  5. ajm55555

    Deshojo or Shindeshojo?

    Hello everyone! I'd like to hear someone's opinion on which variety this bonsai of mine is. Is it a Deshojo or a Shindeshojo? How can you tell the difference? I'm really having a hard time understanding what the characteristics are in terms of appearance and what was improved on the...
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