1. gapoy

    Japanese Maple Design Help

    Dear bonsai artisans, I would like to ask for your opinions about this tree. How would you design it? Having a very shallow knowledge and experience in bonsai care, any piece of negative or positive feedback is valued. Thank you.
  2. robertonotte

    Learning how to design: Feedback needed

    I'm learning how to design and looking for feedback to improve my skills. I'm sending the before and after of a plant I just modeled. Kindly give me your opinion, including tips on what could have been done differently.
  3. R

    An apple (tree design) for your thoughts

    A penny for your design thoughts anyone. My mom has donated huge fruit trees to me. As long as I make them giant bonsai I have free reign to do whatever. This apple has decided it wants to live and grow up to be a bonsai. The green and white tag was buried with it from bur-something but it was...
  4. D

    American beech styling ideas

    This American beech, I collected 2 years ago. It has 4"-5" base, and has been growing untouched. I am just looking for ideas on what direction to go with this tree. I'm am not a fan of the type of broom style where the trunk splits into two leaders of equal size. I just don't want to create one...
  5. dragunrot

    Deciduous design

    Hello all. Today I'd like to learn and hear more about your thoughts on deciduous bonsai design. I've seen some very inspiring trees, and some that aren't so interesting. Here is a Cork bark elm I bought this year, and while it's been very pleasant to look at, I feel as if there's a better...
  6. J

    RMJ Design Advice

    Hey Bonsai Nuts, Here is an RMJ I was able to repot this year in early spring. I have not designed too many bonsais yet, so my experience in designing is very little. I've decided on two fronts but I really need help narrowing it down. I've marked where I'm imagining where I could possibly...
  7. J

    Trident Maple - To chop or not to chop

    I recently got this maple, but I am not happy with the trunk line/y-split (I feel the branch on the left is to massive). I seek advice on how i should the design further. I see a couple of options as I see it, but feel free to suggest options I might have missed. Option 1: chop main trunk, repot...
  8. D

    Japanese Boxwood: Double or Single Trunk?

    Hi Everyone, I am brand new to bonsai and have fallen in love with boxwoods. I have read that boxwoods are very slow-growing, so when I saw a tree this size at a local nursery, I was excited. I am seeking advice on my end design for this bonsai. Should I keep the large first branch and create a...
  9. L

    Kifu? Black pine design help

    Just received a new field grown pine last week with the intention of making a shohin when I ordered it. Once the tree arived I’ve been considering maybe kifu size. Besides being a member of the forum I haven’t been able to make it to any local club meetings or meet anyone who share my hobby...
  10. D

    Acer palmatum deadwood

    Hi, I'm in south UK zone 9 and recently bough a neglected Acer palmatum over rock repoted 2-3 years ago on river pebbles? I'm thinking to continue strengthen it and repot in early spring on akadama and kiryu removing the fern but I'm afraid is beyond salvation! What would you do? particularly...
  11. BonsaiBay

    Styling Advise on an Unknown Collected Juniper

    First, yes, I know that the foliage isn't good. Please ignore the color for now. I haven't decided what I am going to do about that yet. I collected this Juniper a couple years ago now and have yet to figure out what to do with it. That probably tells me everything I need to know but I'm not...
  12. BeebsBonsai

    Basic Bonsai Styling Principles: Where do they come from?

    Hello all, I have been thinking a lot about a topic lately, the basic tenets of bonsai styling. All of the things we have heard as rules that are only to be broken in special circumstances. What I have been wrestling with is why these specific guidelines? And, I think I have an idea for a...
  13. Andrew Robson

    Bonsai Fundamentals Course

    Hello Bonsai Nuts, I wanted to take a moment to introduce the new course that my teacher Michael Hagedorn launched recently with Bonsai Empire! The Bonsai Fundamentals Course covers 3 topics of bonsai that are not often talked about, Plant Physiology, Japanese Aesthetics, and Bonsai Design. The...
  14. parhamr

    I built my first bench

    It's 8 feet long, 12 inches deep, and 18 inches tall. The total material cost was about $75 for this bench, and I have materials for five more benches. Some of the coming benches will be taller and twice as deep. I've intentionally put money into the lumber—select tight knot grade Western...
  15. T

    Design help/ style guidance

    I recently acquired several junipers and am having trouble determining how to style them. I got them in March and they seem to be healthy and growing well. I have done only some basic clean up on them and have yet to do much in terms of styling them. I need some guidance as to how they should be...
  16. M

    Juniper advice

    Just bought a juniper from homedepot today. It cost about $9. Along with 2 other plants but I will post them elsewhere. I figured it would be a good chance to practice some pruning and wiring techniques and I won't be too upset if I end up killing it or it looks terrible, but you have to start...
  17. tamakwe

    How to get better at advanced design.

    I've been doing bonsai for a long time, and I've gotten great at the horticultural and technical aspects. But advanced styling is still largely a mystery to me. I know all the basic rules and can style a decent tree, but I'm always impressed with what more advanced members can do with the mature...
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