diatomaceous earth

  1. H

    Napa Oil Dry Sift Results

    Posting this here for anyone who is interested in the volume post sifting NAPA 8822. I sifted the bag with a 3mm sifter, and the results were pretty shocking to me. The whole bag resulted in about 4 qts. of particles >= 3mm. This bag cost me $15 from my local Napa. With the increase in cost and...
  2. Clicio

    Is DE really bad for mycorrhizal fungal associations?

    So goes the folklore around some Brazilian bonsai growers; diatomaceous earth is avoided on pines because they "kill" the mycorrhizae that benefits the roots of the pines.
  3. milehigh_7

    SCREWED UP! New Coarse DE Poll / Thread Please Comment!

    So I screwed up estimating. I will be able to get the price down to $31 which is competitive with pumice or lava from pretty much anyone and it is a much better product. So vote on the poll or just answer here if you would pay $31.00 free shipping for a large flat rate box (approx 3.5...
  4. Clicio

    Oh no! Another soil mix post!

    I've been trying a mix of Brazilian akadama (Qualitá), wich has acidic PH (5.7) and some cat litter (Diatomaceous Earth-DE), which is alkaline, averages 8ph,+ or -2 in my soil mix. So the result is neutral PH. For azaleas, I add pinus bark and less DE; for the others, crushed fired brick. All...
  5. markyscott

    Inorganic Soil Reference Sheet 1.2

    Here is the first resource developed from the thread "Introductory Soil Physics". It is a reference sheet defining common inorganic soil types used in bonsai. It expands on the selection discussed in the thread. It is not a recommendation of what one should use in their garden, rather a...
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