1. H

    Olive Pruning Advice

    This is a young olive I grew from seed (yes, seed). I think it's like 4-5 years old. The trunk is a bit discolored, not sure why. Not sure if that renders it ugly for life. I recently pruned it and it's growing new leaves, but the pruning clearly hurt it, as there are some dead/dying leaves near...
  2. LeoMame

    Scots Pine new needles' issue - what could it be

    Hello Bonsai people, a quick question about scots pine needles discoloration. I'm having some (I'd say roughly 10%) new needles -from this year- which shows this discoloration. From the top and a peculiar 'twist' (see photo). I can't rule out anything, but the tree is well fert and watered, I...
  3. S

    Is my juniper okay?

    I have had this bonsai for a few weeks now and have noticed some yellow/white discolouration on some of the needles. I have been leaving it outside where it gets sun for half the day (brought it inside to inspect the tree hence the photo's being indoors) however, this has been on the floor and...
  4. ConorDash

    Name the fungus..

    Hello all, Let’s play name the fungus, if you will please? I swear I’ve seen this in pictures on the internet before but it’s no tar spot or common black spot, it looks.... worse. It’s a Maple, Beni chidori. It appeared on random leaves, not localised or on new or old leaves. Tree is otherwise...
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