1. R

    Acer palmatum disease advice

    Hello everyone, the edges of the new shoots of my Sangokaku, Bi-Hoo and Deshojo japanese maples are turning black and I dont know why. I dont think they will mature properly, if I do nothing theyll probably just die. Maybe it looks like Im overreacting to you, but I just had to burn my largest...
  2. J

    Is My Juniper Bonsai Ok?

    Hi all, I received my bonsai around Christmas time. I have been trying to water it just enough so that it doesn’t get too wet (usually about once a week or so.) The tree seems to be doing alright as there is new growth on the side facing the window. However, the side not facing the sun is...
  3. DamianTrimboli

    Chojubai: Help!

    2 weeks ago I bought this chojubai in Italy (End of winter but the plant feeling it like spring) and I brought it here to Buenos Aires, Argentina (end of summer, but same temperatures as in Italy). I brought other trees too, pines, maples, umes, and they are all great and perfect after the trip...
  4. Microraptor_123

    Dawn redwood illnesses/diseases

    I repotted this dawn redwood one week ago to correct an earlier mistake (roots were on very bottom of pot, as opposed to having soil underneath). It still has brown/yellow spotted leaves. Ive noticed that new growth on old branches is normal, however, new branches have severely brown and...
  5. P

    White spots on trunk and lower branch of Privet

    I was given a Privet bonsai in April as birthday present. After shaky start have sorted watering regime and things were going well except! Lower Trunk has a white spots developing and lowest branch as well. the lower branch is losing leaves although some fresh grow. Unfortunately leaves are...
  6. syon_r

    Does this Black Pine have needle cast?

    I bought an “Ondae” cultivar Japanese Black Pine in February and repotted it in March. It seemed to be doing well, but over the summer, I have found what seems to be needle cast on its needles. Tips of some needles are turning brown at the tips and towards the ends, some needles are turning...
  7. cole morton

    Black masses on trunk of Chinese Elm

    Chinese elm by cole morton posted Aug 31, 2017 at 12:53 AM I recently purhased this Chinese Elm. These black lumps span the entire length of the trunk. If anyone could tell me what these are I would be very appreciative, as I have found nothing online so far
  8. CamdenJim

    What has attacked my Kiyohime!!??

    I got this tree in April or May, when it was fully in leaf, so I didn't want to repot it then. We've had a wet summer so far, but I've been careful to avoid over-watering. I think. Within the last ten days, leaves have started turning real sick looking overnight. Seriously! I thought it must be...
  9. BeebsBonsai

    Jacqueline Hillier Elm Dark Leaves falling off

    Hello all, I noticed something was wrong with my Jacqueline Hillier Elm this morning when watering. Some of it's leaves are extremely dark green and brittle. I would say about 30 percent of older leaves towards the interior seem to have this issue. I touched a few of them and they...
  10. Mad Furiosa


    This is my first bonsai. It's a chinese elm and I grew it from a seed. Always indoors, watered daily with a little diluted fertilizer, mist it sometimes. Southern Alberta. It seems healthy growing lots but all a sudden I notice one of the newer leaves has a brown tip? and the older leaves have...
  11. erb.75

    elm disease identification

    Anyone know what this is? I was going to try to use Phyton 35 on it and see if that takes care of it. It's been on several small shoots (that are now removed) and I saw this today. The elm is a chinese elm (although others have claimed it might be an american elm).
  12. Saddler

    I Dug Up An Urban Yamadori And It Has Orange Jelly Growing In It.

    Is this bad? Ive never seen it before. When I rub it off it looks like it has been eating the bark. Do I burn the tree?
  13. A

    Strange Brown Spots on New Leaves on Juniper Leaves

    Hello Everyone! So, I currently live in San Diego but went back home for vacation in LA for a while and took my bonsai with me. About a week after my return to San Diego, I began to notice weird brown spots on the new leaves of my bonsai. They could be wiped of with my nail but I started to...