1. Tntthunder

    What is this on my tree's deadwood?

    Created deadwood earlier this year and was told to let it dry and wear away in the elements so we didn't protect it. However I have noticed it's covered in this mold kind of looking stuff. It's only on the deadwood and not on the leaves/trunk, is this normal or is it an issue I need to worry...
  2. Y

    Juniper is Dying

    Posted a few weeks ago and since then my juniper has declined even more. Any ideas on what I could be dealing with? Do I need to cut everything off except for the one tiny healthy branch? Little black spots everywhere. You can kind of see them in the pictures but the main concern is all the tips!
  3. Rivian

    Sick Arakawa

    I thought the sickly leaves could be handled by better soil and fertilizer, but then I took a closer look at the bark. Ive been aware of something going on there for a while but thought it might be a weird thing arakawa does when forming rough bark. The discolored area is spreading and now...
  4. Y

    Juniper Needles turning black

    I’ve just noticed today that something is going on with my juniper. It looks black in some spots? Not even brown it looks blackened and dead. What could cause this??
  5. D

    Red maple white spots on leaves 🍁🍁🍁

    This morning I noticed white spots on couple of leaves on my red maple, I didn't notice them yesterday when I watered. Is this something I need to be worried/treated before it gets worse. Placement: Outdoor patio Sunlight: Full sunlight from morning to noon.
  6. ecalvillo7

    Problem with Acer palmatum

    Hi! I did an air layer a couple of years ago and planted the layered part in a pot. After a year of growth suddenly the bark on one side started turning orange. Does anyone have a clue on what it is and how to save it? (If i scratch the surface it is still green on the inside). Thanks!!!
  7. J

    Advice for maple, leaves shrivelling/curling during fall.

    I currently live in hong kong, the weather has been getting significantly cooler by the day and windy. I notice my maple has its leaves turned red recently but some of them after turning had either shrivelled or started to curl on the tips. I havent but the tree in harsh direct sunlight. I do...
  8. D

    Help - Trident Maple Disease

    Hello all, I have a trident maple thats very dear to me that is sick and i cant solve it. I've tried a few things that have been sugested to me - I treated it with a spray for fungus as instructed on its lable and added a fortifying mixture that is sold here in Portugal. The tree has been in...
  9. O

    What’s happening and how can I save it?

    Forgive me if this has been covered before. Please, could anyone help tell me what’s going on here (see pics)? About 4-5 days ago I noticed some of the leaves on one side had turned v dark (almost black). I initially thought it might be sun burn - Id left it out too long in the sun one...
  10. D

    Spots in leaves (Wisteria , Trident Maple and Vitis)

    Hello all, I've been searching for help about a problem with some of my trees, there as spots and a bad condition of some leaves. I've seen some that sugest that it might be fungus and others say that it can be some nutrient deficiency. Can you plase help? The Vitis and the Wisteria have been...
  11. pstaboche

    Sango Kaku not doing great

    I'm fairly new to bonsai and horticulture as a whole so any advice would be greatly welcome. I bought a Sango Kaku JM at Lowes in an area where everything was marked 50% off as a "distressed plant". My question is about disease, I have noticed that the tips of some branches have turned black or...
  12. T

    celtis australis problems. fungi? disease?

    In the spring of 2020 I dug up a few celtis australis trees that grew on an abandoned lot near my house. There were hundreds of seedlings left untouched for about 10 years under the parent tree, an 90 year old huge tree. Although the leaves are not so pretty (the tree is also called nettle...
  13. Cloudsgrow

    Green island fig fungus?

    Hi everyone, i own a fee green island ficus and never noticed these light grey dimples in the leaves before, they're on a new GI ficus i just purchased and I'm concerned whatever it is may spread so I've segregated the new plant. Anyone have any idea what this is? A fungus maybe? I've checked...
  14. Rivian

    Differences in disease resistence of JM cultivars

    I'm interested in your experience with cultivars of everything commonly described as a Japanese maple, regarding their disease resistence. I could not find anything on this topic beyond throwaway comments Especially curious what people say who had multiple cultivars, over several years, and...
  15. BonsaiTreeAdmirer

    What is wrong with my cuttings?

    Hi! Complete newbie here. 7B, Bonsais are being kept outside during the day (when its warm and sunny) and inside during the night (or when days are gloomy and cold). Watering once a day and plants are potted in bonsai soil. I purchased three different species of willow cuttings (Dragon...
  16. Storm_Lord

    Dark patches and yellow crystals on Ficus leaves. What's the cause?

    Here is a picture of two of the leaves of my 26 year old Ficus. I cut them off when I saw them. - There is some blackish/grey discolouration on both leaves. - On the bottom of the smaller leaf, there are also some yellow crystal-like structures in the same place as the area of discolouration...
  17. T

    What’s this lump on my new juniper?

    I bought a juniper yesterday and found a couple lumps at the trunk. Are these galls or just callouses or something entirely different? Thanks in advance
  18. electronfusion

    Aesthetic Problem Or Disease Problem?

    I bought this texas scarlet chaenomeles japonica at a big box store last month, since it looked healthy, large, and relatively low priced. It was only after I took it home and started chopping away all the twiggy growth that I noticed my intended trunk has some reverse taper in spots. If it just...
  19. Rivian

    Acer palmatum Bi-Hoo turning black

    What exactly is happening here and why and can I prevent this in the future?
  20. Rivian

    Acer palmatum disease advice

    Hello everyone, the edges of the new shoots of my Sangokaku, Bi-Hoo and Deshojo japanese maples are turning black and I dont know why. I dont think they will mature properly, if I do nothing theyll probably just die. Maybe it looks like Im overreacting to you, but I just had to burn my largest...
  21. J

    Is My Juniper Bonsai Ok?

    Hi all, I received my bonsai around Christmas time. I have been trying to water it just enough so that it doesn’t get too wet (usually about once a week or so.) The tree seems to be doing alright as there is new growth on the side facing the window. However, the side not facing the sun is...
  22. DamianTrimboli

    Chojubai: Help!

    2 weeks ago I bought this chojubai in Italy (End of winter but the plant feeling it like spring) and I brought it here to Buenos Aires, Argentina (end of summer, but same temperatures as in Italy). I brought other trees too, pines, maples, umes, and they are all great and perfect after the trip...
  23. Microraptor_123

    Dawn redwood illnesses/diseases

    I repotted this dawn redwood one week ago to correct an earlier mistake (roots were on very bottom of pot, as opposed to having soil underneath). It still has brown/yellow spotted leaves. Ive noticed that new growth on old branches is normal, however, new branches have severely brown and...
  24. P

    White spots on trunk and lower branch of Privet

    I was given a Privet bonsai in April as birthday present. After shaky start have sorted watering regime and things were going well except! Lower Trunk has a white spots developing and lowest branch as well. the lower branch is losing leaves although some fresh grow. Unfortunately leaves are...
  25. syon_r

    Does this Black Pine have needle cast?

    I bought an “Ondae” cultivar Japanese Black Pine in February and repotted it in March. It seemed to be doing well, but over the summer, I have found what seems to be needle cast on its needles. Tips of some needles are turning brown at the tips and towards the ends, some needles are turning...
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