1. Rivian

    Healing a large wound quickly on a Dissectum maple

    I have this, probably, Dissectum Garnet that had a large trunk stump removed recently (was infected with orange fungus). I used tools to carve away all infected wood, used fungicide and then sealed the cut. Its starting to roll over slowly but if possible I want it to roll over much quicker...
  2. L

    Lorax7 Japanese Maple dissectum #1 progression

    I think this one is a Crimson Queen JM, but I’d have to look around the garage to find the original tag to confirm. Here it is after it’s first repotting (2017): I hadn’t yet figured out at that point that you really need to cut off any branches occurring below the graft. Summer 2018: Fall...
  3. jordystokes

    Something black on the branches of my Acer palmatum viridis dissectum

    Didn't have time to take a picture this morning. Sorry. I will describe the best I can and add pictures later. Tree: Acer palmatum - viridis dissectum. Not a bonsai yet, in a large pot. Has leaf burn from the summer. Leaves are starting to turn to their fall color. As I can tell it is...
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