1. yodamon

    Doing the DIY backyard bench

    Finally I decided to build something as the small individual tables were crowded and starting to fail. I used Blender 3D to draw up some plans. I made some on fly changes that worked out food. 1. Plans 2. Assembly went fairly quick 3. Primer, paint for the base and dark and gunstock...
  2. Arnold

    Your Tanukis: Show and tell

    Yes yes I know Tanukis are sort of a polemic topic, I'm no troll or want to start a fight like the trollguy of the Nigel Saunders topic. I dont love tanukis but I dont hate them either, I think they are valuable in their own way and I have seen Tanukis that are true piece of art and craftship, I...
  3. SU2

    Does anyone prefer wooden boxes over ceramic/cement pots?

    I know training pots are easier to make out of boxes, but I'm talking about a large-scale boxing of specimen in various stages (this coming spring), right now about half of my specimen are in boxes and, the ones that are good boxes, I'm very happy with their aesthetic however I'd gotten it in my...
  4. sparklemotion

    Humidity Tray "grid" - there's got to be a better way

    For ease of watering (and upping the local humidity) I'd like to put some of my tropicals on humidity trays. I am not a fan of the tray+gravel+pot method, even though the gravel does look pretty. I'd prefer a nice, sciencey looking grid, like these Humidi-Grow trays that Bonsai Boy has. The...
  5. Tmcd009

    Urban/Budget Bonsai Thread?

    Hi all, I was just thinking...maybe it would be a good idea to start a thread for people with limited space and/or budget! Post how-tos for DIY small benches and pots, plus other good sources for getting started with a limited space, as well as limited bonsai related resources nearby. I have a...
  6. bonsaidave

    From Tea to Tree in 5 minutes

    Just posting a little experiment. $1.50 tea cup from Diaso. $10 dollar 1/2 inch tile bit. 5 minutes on low drill speed. I drilled the hole with the pot in water sitting on a piece of PVC. Now to find a tree for it. Stay Nutty!
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