1. T

    How long can I bring my tree inside for in winter?

    Basically I wanna bring my tree in to work on it, but I don't know if it will affect the dormancy, is there a time limit? is it something I shouldn't do? etc. I only have a heated apartment, no unheated garage, with my trees being on my glazed balcony.
  2. A

    Need guidance - dormancy indoors (several species)

    Hello, I’ve decided to buy a ts1000 and I’m planning to build a little 60x60cm (24x24”) box with mylar, pc fans and a humidifier alongside the grow light. Prerequisite: Sweden, usda zone 7a (dark and cold October-mars), no access to garage or other area which is colder than 22c+ except for...
  3. A

    Japanese Maple Sprouting New Growth and Leaves in September. What Should I do?

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum - hope this is an appropriate place for this, sorry if its not. I have a potted Japanese maple (6 inches tall) that I dug out of my mother in law's back yard in the early spring, it is not yet a bonsai but I want to train it into one. I brought it inside...
  4. M

    Baby Prunus Mume not entering dormancy, should I be worried?

    A couple months ago I got a baby Prunus Mume 'Hokkai Bungo' from Brent at EGG, and it still has all its leaves which are still green. The other prunus species I have already dropped their leaves, and I'm getting concerned that I'm not seeing it enter dormancy. I live in SoCal (Ventura County)...
  5. L

    Mid-winter heatwave

    So, the weather forecast says we're supposed to be getting a major warm-up this week with highs in the 60s (Fahrenheit), although nighttime lows are mostly still mid 30s-ish. This is pretty unusual weather for the upper Midwest, but I'm guessing that folks further south deal with this sort of...
  6. Bonsai Noodles

    Do we underestimate trees' intelligence sometimes? Overwintering and breaking-buds season

    This is the winter-spring equinox I've paid most attention to ever — for obvious reasons. I live in MN, and I think it's quite incredible how smart these trees have been acting lately. Unlike many others, all the trees (wild, garden, and potted alike) have stayed dormant for the most part. In...
  7. Z

    Japanese maple winter in a fridge

    I figured I would share this experiment with the forum incase anyone else is like me. I love the look of Japanese Maples, but I live in an area with a climate that easily kills Japanese Maples. We often get 1-2 months of -20 to -40. My unheated garage is usually about -10 inside when its -20...
  8. B

    Overwintering apple tree sapling indoors?

    Hello everybody, very new to this site and to Bonsai. I found a sprouting seed in an apple I was eating in May, and so I decided to give growing it out a go. I know I won’t really be getting proper apples from this plant because I’m growing it from seed, and that’s alright with me, I just...
  9. M

    Satsuki Azalea Dormancy

    I am a novice and just got through my first spring/summer with my young Satsuki azalea. It almost doubled in size, and it seems to have been a pretty successful growing season in terms of letting it get established in the pot. The tree has been outside on my patio for the whole season, so it got...
  10. Brad in GR

    Fall update + dormancy planning video

    Just sharing my recent upload that walks through what I’ve learned for dormancy preparation / protection for different trees as we trudge through winter, plus a few material updates. Most of my approach taken from you all here or evergreen gardenworks. Happy new year.
  11. H

    Dormant or Dying?!? Little help!

    Hello! This is my 7 year old Chinese Elm.. I live in FL, very hot and pretty humid this year. Oct. has been rainy tho. As of late, my beloved elm was thriving beautifully. New growth, bright green leaves etc. last week I came out to my lanai (screened patio with clear roof) to check him and...
  12. j evans

    Does a Quince plant need dormancy?

    It is time to put away the plants for the winter. There is some thought that it would be nice to have one of our Quince plants in the garage. It stays about 48 - 55 in there most of the winter with modest grow lights. Any thoughts?
  13. CovertNeo

    When bring trees out of Garage?

    Anyone around Southwest (Blacksburg) Virginia, or USDA Zone 6b give me some advice on this one? This is the first winter I've owned some deciduous bonsai trees. They have some buds and a few have started to pop out as well. I'm guessing it's probably time to bring my trees out for sunshine...
  14. Derek Beaumont

    Green Mound Juniper

    I received my first bonsai as a present. I believe is is actually in decent shape and not what I think is referred to as a mallsai from what I've seen. I am from South Dakota and trying to find a place to keep it for the winter as it is frequently below zero outside which I've read is too cold...
  15. T

    Japanese Wisteria Bonsai and Winter Dormancy Questions

    Hello Friends, Long Island, New York USDA 7a I was gifted a Japanese Wisteria by my significant other to celebrate an anniversary. I'm very familiar with plants in general but Bonsai is elusive to me. Suddenly this tree holds a tremendous amount of sentimental value to me, and I feel...
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