1. B-rad in GR

    Fall update + dormancy planning video

    Just sharing my recent upload that walks through what I’ve learned for dormancy preparation / protection for different trees as we trudge through winter, plus a few material updates. Most of my approach taken from you all here or evergreen gardenworks. Happy new year.
  2. H

    Dormant or Dying?!? Little help!

    Hello! This is my 7 year old Chinese Elm.. I live in FL, very hot and pretty humid this year. Oct. has been rainy tho. As of late, my beloved elm was thriving beautifully. New growth, bright green leaves etc. last week I came out to my lanai (screened patio with clear roof) to check him and...
  3. j evans

    Does a Quince plant need dormancy?

    It is time to put away the plants for the winter. There is some thought that it would be nice to have one of our Quince plants in the garage. It stays about 48 - 55 in there most of the winter with modest grow lights. Any thoughts?
  4. CovertNeo

    When bring trees out of Garage?

    Anyone around Southwest (Blacksburg) Virginia, or USDA Zone 6b give me some advice on this one? This is the first winter I've owned some deciduous bonsai trees. They have some buds and a few have started to pop out as well. I'm guessing it's probably time to bring my trees out for sunshine...
  5. Derek Beaumont

    Green Mound Juniper

    I received my first bonsai as a present. I believe is is actually in decent shape and not what I think is referred to as a mallsai from what I've seen. I am from South Dakota and trying to find a place to keep it for the winter as it is frequently below zero outside which I've read is too cold...
  6. T

    Japanese Wisteria Bonsai and Winter Dormancy Questions

    Hello Friends, Long Island, New York USDA 7a I was gifted a Japanese Wisteria by my significant other to celebrate an anniversary. I'm very familiar with plants in general but Bonsai is elusive to me. Suddenly this tree holds a tremendous amount of sentimental value to me, and I feel...
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