1. F

    Roots Through Drainage Holes

    Hey everybody, I've had my bonsais a bit under a year (started from seeds) and am seeing my Ficus and Jacaranda growing roots through their drainage holes. Originally, I was under the impression that water that drains should be left in these trays to help with humidity, especially since they...
  2. syon_r

    Drilling Extra Drainage Holes in Pot

    I just received this awesome Thor Holvila bonsai pot in the mail, but it only has one tiny drainage hole. I don’t have pictures yet, but you can see the hole in the second to last picture here: http://thorholvila.tictail.com/product/palm-size-1708-13-xxx. It would offer barely any drainage and I...
  3. markyscott

    Introductory Soil Physics 1.2

    Here is the second resource developed from the thread "Introductory Soil Physics". It is a document explaining how the important physical properties in soil and substrates combine to control the amount of air and water in the pore space of soils. It discusses what a drainage layer does and how...
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