dropping leaves

  1. proninyaroslav

    Hornbeam drops leaves after being transported

    About a week ago I became the owner of Oriental Hornbeam, it was delivered to me by a transport company. T he seller packed it well: sealed the crown in polyethylene, covered the container with sphagnum moss to avoid drying out. I watered it for the first time after receiving it and didn't...
  2. J

    New Sweet Plum bonsai dropping its leaves

    Hello, I am very, very new to bonsai. I recently purchased a "discount" bonsai (Sweet Plum), which was a whopping $8. It didn't have very many leaves, and most of the leaves were very dark green. But, it did have some new growth with leaves, so I wasn't too concerned. When I brought it home, the...
  3. L

    New Fukion. Dropping green and dry leaves. Some kind of potting mix soil? Moss and rocks on top. Stays wetish. Shock? Repot in tropical soil?

    New Fukion. One week home. Dropping an alarming amount of green and dry leaves. They drop at the slightest touch and finest mist. It came in some kind of potting mix soil? Moss and rocks on top. Stays wetish. Too wet? (I have yet to feel it dry out and it has those glued rocks around the...
  4. Andrew R.

    Please help with this Natal plum

    Hello- I am new to bonsai and I would greatly appreciate some help with this tree. I bought this Natal plum from easternleaf.com about a month and a half ago and it is not looking so great these days. It is dropping leaves like crazy and the ones that don't drop appear to be curled and...
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