dry leaves

  1. proninyaroslav

    Dry spots on the Pyracantha (Firethorn) leaves

    This shows up on the leaves of this year. Initially, the tip of the leaf dries up, and then almost the entire leaf. The lower leaves are affected (leaves down the branch). Pyracantha is in inorganic soil for the first year and grown from a stump. What could it be, a fungal disease or root problems?
  2. M

    Large hornbeam yamadori.

    Hi all, collected a nice thick hornbeam from my grandads place in central France, unfortunately I was forced to collect the tree then and there (mid august). I collected it withought a lot of Troy and had to pot it up in pretty terrible soil (the only soil available at the time). It stayed in...
  3. A

    Podocarpus Macrophyllus dry leaves - where is problem?

    Hi, I´m new to bonsai. I got this podocarpus. It was 3 months alright, but now it is getting dry leaves(needles). That leaves are drying from the top. I´m wattering that tree 2-3 times per week and little fertilized once per month. I have it near the window on north/east side. Where is problem...
  4. B

    BRT curled up, closed pale green leaves

    Hi Bonsai Nut community. I inherited this Brazilian Rain Tree from a friend who left NYC back in mid-March.The BRT was placed close to a south-facing window that receives lots of light. I would submerge the pot in water for 15 minutes once a week. It was doing really well until I left for two...
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