dry needles

  1. S

    New Scots Pine has needles browning... need help pls

    Dear bonsai experts, I request some help! I bought this new Scots Pine bonsai from a seller in Chino, CA (Southern Cal) a few weeks ago as a gift to a dear friend who lives in San Francisco. Unfortunately, they kept the pine indoors (gasp!) for 2 weeks after receiving it (despite clear...
  2. A

    Podocarpus Macrophyllus dry leaves - where is problem?

    Hi, I´m new to bonsai. I got this podocarpus. It was 3 months alright, but now it is getting dry leaves(needles). That leaves are drying from the top. I´m wattering that tree 2-3 times per week and little fertilized once per month. I have it near the window on north/east side. Where is problem...
  3. WesternGrower

    Blue Spruce Needle Sap

    Does anyone know why a blue spruce would be producing visible sap on its needles/is this normal? Google seems to fail me here. Picture of several sappy needles A ball of sap, there are several of these spread about.
  4. E

    Dying white pine bonsai. Please help!

    Hi everyone, I am really worried. I bought this white pine bonsai online (cant even find now which website) as a Christmas present for my husband. It arrived at mid December, when I got it out of the box, needles looked very dry and easily brealing off. But initially I thought it suffered a bit...
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