1. B

    Chinese plum wilting

    Hello everyone, I have a Chinese sweet plum for almost a year now. It was always healthy and growing out. Recently, the leaves are tuning brown at the end , leaves seemed to be dry and wilting and in general, complete tree is dropping. I added fertilizer 5-7-4.NPK superbly bonsai last week. It...
  2. proninyaroslav

    Young branches of European beech dry up during the overwintering

    In October I bought a European beech from a friend, the tree came to me in the mailbox (in the literal sense :) ). This is the yamadori he dug up two years ago. In general, the tree looked good and healthy, the only one it was planted in a fairly moisture-absorbing soil (a mixture of compost...
  3. dirtysleazy

    Serissa browning crispy leaves

    My Serissa started turning its leaves brown, dry and crispy, and also started dropping leaves. I’ve read forums saying it’s either overwatered or underwatered. Which is of absolutely no help. I figured I would get a much better answer here. do I resume watering when the top dries? Do I let it...
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