1. petegreg

    11th Floor Separatists

    Sorry for a title, but it's how it is. I'll start with my oldest Chinese elm. Mallsai... couldn't find a way to use this ugly trunk. So went ahead and did this this spring. Last week these were ready to be separated. I love manual works! ... checking roots and potting. And this is what...
  2. thomas22

    Duranta Old and New

    I got a new Duranta last year which is now my second one. I thought I would track its progress here as well as show updates on my older one which many have seen before. The newer one is about twice as big and I believe has more potential as the smaller one. The first pic is when I bought it...
  3. cockroach

    Duranta Erecta Thread

    I have seen very few "Golden Dewdrop" bonsai online and none yet in person. I found this bush next to a friend's driveway, it was getting shaded out and slowing growth. So two summers ago, it was raining for about 3 weeks and the soil was waterlogged. I touch the plant, realized it was loose...
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