dwarf alberta spruce

  1. S

    Accidentally topped by Alberta Spruce (Overpruned)

    Hi Everyone, No, I'm not an expert, and yes, I only watched the first 1/3 of a Heron's Bonsai video on pruning/wiring my first spruce before giving it a shot. Obligatory "I butchered it" and "I know it looks horrible" - please help me! I accidentally topped the tree before reading that this...
  2. BonjourBonsai

    Half ball - is that a thing?

    I know half bare root is a thing. And I know a root ball is a thing. I also know that Mugos and other conifers can have their root balls sawn in half. So I'm thinking that "half ball" should be a thing. Example: "I took the advice of bonsai veterans and half balled a mugo after father's day...
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