dwarf schefflera

  1. Sassafras

    My first Bonsai! Schefflera Aboricola

    Hi all! I was able to go to New England Bonsai over the weekend and found my first tree :D In my excitement I forgot to take a before pictures, but there are 2 branches and a fair amount of leaves missing now! It's a Schefflera Aboricola (dwarf I assume, due to the small leaves) I know it's...
  2. H

    First Schefflera

    I found this tree buried in the back of a mom and pop nursery. Paid $12. I felt like I was stealing it. I'm still deciding on an overall height. There are a lot of aerial roots on the upper sections of the branches. Not sure if I want to lose those. Thinking I'll keep them. Hoping to get it...
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