dying bonsai

  1. Y

    Juniper is starting to dry out and brown.

    Is this too late to save?? I may have gone like a day too long or two without water? I have it in a shady spot in my backyard now and I’ve been misting the area for humidity and watered it this morning.
  2. J

    Juniper Pro Nana health help

    Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. I need some help ID'ing what is happening to my young Juniper Pro Nana. I brought this plant plant home from a local nursery about a month ago. Since then I have noticed some gradual yellowing of the plant and I'm not sure whats happening. Here are...
  3. K

    Help! My bonsai was thriving but has declined suddenly :(

    Hi, My bonsai was doing really well indoors but is meant to be an outdoor one so I put it outside for a few hours a day and in the last few days it looks like it's dying :( Can anyone suggest anything I can do to bring it back? I've attached before and after pics below Many thanks for your...
  4. ScottNYC

    Can it be salvaged?

    Hello, I Have a Korean hornbeam, I suspect the roots have dried out, was neglected over the winter, not watered regularly. I repotted the tree and am seeing some spring growth, some leaves have budded sporadically through-out the tree. Does that mean the tree is still alive or able to be...
  5. Maddie.

    Help! My Bonsai is dying??

    Hello, I am new here and trying to figure out what is wrong with the Bonsai I was given. Background: I work in an Office and one of my coworkers gave me her Bonsai tree because she is moving. The tree looks really pretty even though I dont know what type it is. But its roots are completely...
  6. A

    Help me save Fukien Tea Bonsai

    Hello! My friend gave me this beautiful Fukien Tea Tree bonsai. This is my first ever plant. It was healthy a few days ago - the leaves were complete and a beautiful shade of green. My bonsai mentor said to put it in the sun a few hours a day but I think I burnt it. I found black spots on...
  7. G

    Please help Scots pine

    Hi please help me with my Scots pine, for the last 2 months I’ve seen the needles becoming more brown yet some stayed really green and healthy so just thought it was the old pines shedding but now it has gone really pale brown and easily brush off Any help would be great to get this amazing...
  8. V

    Reviving my bonsai

    Hello, So apparently my bonsai hasn’t been doing well for the past 2 months. At first I thought it was due to the winter season and it will grow its leaves back, but it hasn’t produced a single leaf for the past 3 weeks or so. Unfortunately, I was away from home for about a month and an...
  9. K

    Is my bonsai diseased?

    Hi, I started growing these wisteria bonsai a few months ago and 3 of the seeds sprouted and were initially doing really well but two of them aren’t looking so healthy now. Can anyone tell me if this is just winter hibernation or if they are diseased and should be separated / repotted? thanks...
  10. JLee9706

    Scratch test?

    How reliable is the “scratch” test for dying trees? I’ve heard that if you scratch the surface of the tree and it’s green underneath, then the tree is still alive and can be saved. Thoughts?
  11. M


    I am new to growing satsuki bonsai, id appreciate knowledge and teaching but please no disrespecting in the thread. I got satsuki starters and got excited and bought a medium sized satsuki to and grow. I repotted the medium satsuki and the next two days it started wilting and the leaves...
  12. T

    Help! Jacaranda Mimosifolia 6/7 months old dying

    I planted this Jacaranda Mimosifolia about six or seven months ago. I went on vacation for a week and left it in a window, came back and it looks dead, any tricks to revive it! I was just started to get pretty big. Let me know if you think it’s a total loss or if I can do anything to bring it...
  13. BugsBonsai

    HELP! Satsuki Azalea Dying

    In the past 3 weeks, my Shin-Nikko has deteriorated rapidly! The first 3 pictures are current, the last picture (with the flowers) is from roughly a month ago. I’m not sure what exactly is happening with it. It’s potted in kanuma, the root ball seems healthy (I checked last week), and theres no...
  14. A

    Is my tree dying?

    hello, I got my tree as a gift two years ago, and it’s been doing fine up until recently. I’ve noticed that it’s trunk seems to be getting soft and wrinkled. This has happened before after not watering it for awhile, but this time after watering it it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It...
  15. B

    Help! My bonsai is dying- I think it has a fungal infection??

    I recently got a bonsai tree for christmas- I have no idea about the nursery conditions etc because it was a gift. I belive the tree is a chinese privet- it is my first ever tree Arount the start of the tree trunk it looks as if it's decaying and it has white marks around it with orangeish...
  16. L

    Juniper dying! Help

    So I bought this juniper about a month ago and I attempted my first wiring on a bonsai. I accidentally completely cracked the trunk and it split off. I did a completely horrible job, and other parts of the tree have turned purple, and now crispy and brown. I sealed the breaks with wood glue, as...
  17. J

    Xanthoxylum piperitum dying from cold

    Hello everyone, my name is Jules, I am new to this forum and to the world of bonsai. I have had a fake pepper plant since September, bought in a garden center. He was doing well so far, but I had to bring him to the countryside, or I stupidly left him outside for 5 days with temperatures far too...
  18. R

    Help! My bonsai is dying

    Hello! My ex gave me this bonsai, but she only told me to water it every 3-5 days. I've been doing some research and I think it's a boxwood species, but now I'm desperately trying to save it :( I tried putting some crushed eggshells on the soil but it doesn't look any better. Could someone...
  19. HeroAKKD

    Please help with weak privet bonsai, with a possible fungal infection

    Hi everyone, I would like to ask you all for advice on how to save my bonsai tree. I have this tree for the past three years and I believe that this is a privet bonsai tree that is approximately 13 years old. As this was my first bonsai tree, initially I did not know how to take care of it...
  20. L

    My Ficus bonsai trees are dying. The both came in poor condition. Almost no leaves left. Can I cut them into a stump for new growth in the spring?

    I got a Fukieon and a Too little weeping fig bonsai trees this year. They came in poor condition and have gotten worse. There are only 2 leaves left on the Fukieon and a dozen on the fig in no good grouping or form. I was wondering if I could trunk chop them into stumps and get new growth next...
  21. S

    HELP! I think my azalea bonsai is dead

    Hi all, I have attached pictures of a Bonsai my husband got me for valentines day and i think it is dead. He has a habit of over watering plants. We also live in the High Rockies and even though it is inside the temperatures easily get to 30 degrees regularly and VERY dry. If it is not dead...
  22. E

    Can Someone Help My Dying Ficus

    Hello, My Ficus bonsai tree (not sure what exact species) has been on the downward spiral since 5 months ago, when I gave it quite a significant prune. I began to notice it loosing more leaves than usual and no new growth developing, usually the prune would bring on lots of new growth, even at...
  23. ninibonsai

    NEED HELP: Satsuki Azalea Bonsai

    Hi there! I am completely new to the bonsai world, and DESPERATELY need immediate help. I was recently gifted an "8 year old satsuki azalea bonsai" that shipped from Connecticut. I live in Seattle where the weather is currently in the 60's, cool with some sunlight. I have my bonsai outside on...
  24. ninibonsai

    NEED HELP: Satsuki Azalea Bonsai

    Hi there! I am completely new to the bonsai world, and DESPERATELY need immediate help. I was recently gifted an "8 year old satsuki azalea bonsai" that shipped from Connecticut. I live in Seattle where the weather is currently in the 60's, cool with some sunlight. I have my bonsai outside on...
  25. J

    Dying Fukien Tea Bonsai - Help!

    Have had this tree for a couple years, grows very fast, used to have to trim the branches quite a bit. Did a major trim a couple months ago. Now the leaves have all turned wilted and slightly brown except for 2 new branches toward the bottom. Have done nothing but water this plant since I got...
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