1. H

    Help! Bug ID? Bonsai suffering

    I’ve had this Chinese elm bonsai for several years now, and it has always been a quick grower and looks lovely. Last year I had a major spider mite infestation which took me most of the summer to eradicate. So I’ve been keeping a close eye on it and I’ve noticed theses tiny white bugs? (I’m...
  2. A

    Podocarpus Macrophyllus dry leaves - where is problem?

    Hi, I´m new to bonsai. I got this podocarpus. It was 3 months alright, but now it is getting dry leaves(needles). That leaves are drying from the top. I´m wattering that tree 2-3 times per week and little fertilized once per month. I have it near the window on north/east side. Where is problem...
  3. M


    I am new to growing satsuki bonsai, id appreciate knowledge and teaching but please no disrespecting in the thread. I got satsuki starters and got excited and bought a medium sized satsuki to and grow. I repotted the medium satsuki and the next two days it started wilting and the leaves...
  4. L

    Azalea dying??? Winter Australia

    Hi everyone, I am new to bonsais and was gifted a Satsuki Azalea bonsai on Valentines Day. The tree is a cutting and I have had it for about 4 months. It is currently winter in Australia and I am not sure if my tree is dead or not. The leaves have started to go brown and the stems are dry and...
  5. O

    Dwarf Hinoki Cypress turning brown!! HELP!!!

    I received this bonsai as a gift a year ago now and things were going really well. Coming up to winter in Australia and I’ve only just realised (I should’ve noticed earlier I know) that one side is turning completely brown and dry! Is there anyway to save the plant? I love it a lot and feel...
  6. R

    Help! My bonsai is dying

    Hello! My ex gave me this bonsai, but she only told me to water it every 3-5 days. I've been doing some research and I think it's a boxwood species, but now I'm desperately trying to save it :( I tried putting some crushed eggshells on the soil but it doesn't look any better. Could someone...
  7. sLeepLess

    Reaching Out for 2nd Opinions

    Hello Everyone, I am obviously new to Bonsai Nut. I most likely have used this site in the past when searching for information but i use any and all sources available to me so i never settled down. If i used your knowledge before, it was just one among many but; Thank you! I suppose i am...
  8. G

    Japanese Black Pine Help—is it dying?

    Hi all, I'm admittedly a novice at bonsai rearing. My husband received a Japanese Black Pine as a gift, approximately five years old, from a friend. I've been pulling my hair out over trying to keep it alive and have unfortunately realized that I've made several mistakes in caring for it...
  9. Fishtank307

    Bald cypress dying or dead

    I absolutely hate to write this post... I've had this bald cypress since last year. It was one of my favorite trees and I think I messed up pretty bad... It grew very well, had to prune it a couple of times during the growing season. Apart from a spider mite attack during spring, no problems...
  10. B

    Picea Abies dying

    Been growing without issues until recently. Don't know why. Watered 1 - 2 time daily. Any help is appreciated.
  11. E

    Dying white pine bonsai. Please help!

    Hi everyone, I am really worried. I bought this white pine bonsai online (cant even find now which website) as a Christmas present for my husband. It arrived at mid December, when I got it out of the box, needles looked very dry and easily brealing off. But initially I thought it suffered a bit...
  12. Culper Woodhull

    Sarissa not looking so good.

    I bought a Serissa a month ago. Every since I recieved it, I've seen it slowly but surley deteriorate in health. I've been letting it dry out between waterings, I have it about 2 feet from a south facing window. Temperature has been back amd forth. Lowest 70 degrees, highest 78, it's that time...
  13. Celeste

    Failing Ficus

    I started my thread in the chinese elms...but my tree was quickly identified as a ficus (and then of course I remembered that was indeed the correct name). I'm about as beginner as it gets...can you tell? The Elm peoples have been incredibly helpful (see original thread...
  14. Celeste

    HELP! tree dying VERY quickly!

    I've got a Ficus. I've had it for about 6 months...soaking it every 3 days for 5 -10min. I live in Utah so it's VERY dry here. Anyways 2 days ago I watered as usual...then just added new soil to the TOP of it. And that's all I've done....and all the leaves are dropping, the new growth has...
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