eastern white pine

  1. clintonio12

    Pinus Strobus Clump (EWP)

    Hello fellow nuts! A couple of weeks ago at the cottage in northern Ontario, I noticed a neighbour had a 5 gallon pail with a white pine growing out of it, and ended up being sent back home with it. It turns out that it wasn’t just one tree, and we suspect it was originally a pine cone buried...
  2. Fishy_pow

    Collected Pinus strobus sapling, needles half length

    Hey guys, I just want to share that I collected this Pinus strobus, Eastern White Pine sapling with needles half the original length of the pine needles. It started out as a seedling in leaf mold but in it's third or fourth year the roots ended up hitting the heavy clay soil underneath the leaf...
  3. Sn0W

    Garden Centre Haul

    So Today I picked up these bargains. I posted yesterday about a Japanese Red Pine and went back today to pick it up. Started speaking to the manager again and ended up leaving with a lot more. I realise that I didn't put anything in the pictures for scale, but the JRP is a monster and the...
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