1. SeanS

    Air layer & planting on a board?

    Can an air layer be separated and planted directly on a board, or should the layer be planted normally for a season and then repotted on a board the following season?
  2. Bonds Guy

    Round 2 of the Ebihara Method

    Last season I took a whack at the Ebihara method and, well that tree is dead now. I figured since it’s a new season, why not try again and hopefully not kill this one. So here’s my 2nd attempt at the Ebihara method:
  3. Clicio

    I'll not grow bonsai anymore.

    After reading all the 25 pages of the thead Ebihara Maples by @markyscott I came to some conclusions: 1-) I know nothing about bonsai. 2-) When I get to the level of knowledge you guys have, I"ll be dead and buried. Even being a fast learner. 3-) This forum and its posters are an immense source...
  4. sidesummy

    Growing over tiles

    Not much to show here yet, just getting started on projects that will hopefully provide valuable material to work with later. My parents are allowing my to re-purpose the family garden into my bonsai tree farm. I will be starting quite a few trees and growing many of them over tiles to encourage...
  5. markyscott

    Chuhin Broom Elm

    With spring growth in full swing in Houston, I'm in the busiest time of the year. Trees in development are fertilized heavily - solid fertilizer on top and liquid fertilizer every weekend. Trees are pushing huge growth - it seems like they change every time I look away for a minute. That...
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