elandan gardens

  1. Carapace

    Opinions on a Dan Robinson idea about thickening the trunk?

    So I was watching an interview of Dan Robinson by Maria Walton from the PSBA Website youtube channel (The interview ). I know that Dan doesn't repot his trees, but he said something interesting about not repotting them, he said (at min. 57.03) that because the roots don't have the space to grow...
  2. Deep Sea Diver

    Trees I have known

    So this a general thread for folks that would like to share a photo of a tree they have worked on that they learned something about and would like to share with others. It’s primarily to share so viewers learn a little bit more about a technique and the poster, or just what they are up to...
  3. markyscott

    Peter Adams ficus

    20 years ago or so, Peter Adams and Dan Robinson had a collaboration of sorts. When Dan was building Elandan Gardens, Peter was the nurseryman and sold some things in the shop. He died about this time of year in 2013. A true artist - I think I have every book he wrote in my collection. His...
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