elephant bush

  1. MattE

    One hell of a deal PA

    Hey all... Seen this PA for sale he wanted 200 with a pot. I didn't like it cascade and I didn't realize how big it was. So i ended up buying it for 100 bucks woth out the pot and put it informal upright in this red pot. I'm so fricken happy I can't wait to develop this into a massive beauty...
  2. T

    Cork Bark Jade (Portulacaria Afra) is no longer growing leaves and instead is growing tiny compact brown clusters. What are these things?

    My Portulacaria Afra (that im trying to grow into a cascade style bonsai), stopped growing leavess and started pushing out these strange compact brown clusters instead. Does anyone here have any idea what is happening? Im wondering if this means that it's time to defoliate it completely?
  3. I

    Yellow Jade

    2 things, 1st order of business, this… And then to the next, I’m at my wit’s end with this tree, I give it all the sunlight it can get. Sun rises over the house’s roof between 8 and 9, and sets behind the opposite building just before 4. I still get so much sunlight that I had to move my...
  4. Apex37

    Repot and Trim

    Finally got around to repotting and trimming some trees. Trying a mix of 50/50 pine bark and lava rock for these and see how it goes. 1. Barbados Cherry 2. Dwarf Jade 3. Ginseng Ficus
  5. J

    portulacaria afra Care tips (elephant bush)

    so questions about portulacaria afra. I was looking for indoor bonsai and had some portulacaria afra in succulent arrangements so chose that one. See photo attached. All leaves are turning black and dropping off. I am watering every 3-4 days as soil dries out and happening with both soil types...
  6. S

    Elephant Bush - Next steps?

    Hi all, I bought this tree a few weeks ago because I liked the shape of the trunk and it reminded me of a natural looking tree. But, there are also some areas in need of improvement: 1) The most obvious flaw is there is a large gap in the foliage (the area in the middle of the tree that only...
  7. W

    Help with P. afra bonsai foliage issues

    This Portulacaria afra plant used to be way fuller, but for the last month a lot of the foliage has fallen and the tiny leaves that emerge afterwards don’t last long and/or are super thin/flat. Is this a watering or light problem? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
  8. Afasnacht83

    Changing pots? (Portulacaria afra)

    Hi! I’ve just gotten a new cutting from a few months ago and I’m looking to let it grow out for a while so i can maybe (hopefully) begin the process of turning it into a bonsai. This is my first plant ever so I’m very very new to the game. I have him in a bit of a small pot right now, but it’s...
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