elm tree

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  2. Aaron S.

    Unknown Species

    Last year I ordered 2 crape myrtles from Arbor Day. Then they kept sending me emails that they were delayed in getting the crape myrtles because of the lockdown. I wasn't worried about it. With everything going on in the world at the time, 2 crepe myrtle-rooted cuttings just weren't near the top...
  3. zero

    Elm - Ulmus Hollandica Jacqueline Hillier

    Hello BonsaiNut! I have been learning about Bonsai over the last year and finally purchased my first real tree from my local nursery! It's a "Dutch Elm" and I believe it was a good choice as a first tree. I am happy to have joined BonsaiNut and have been enjoying very much reading through the...
  4. D

    Nursery stock Elm, some basic and some styling questions

    Hello again everyone, Zone 8a. So I bought a elm tree .Think it's a cedar elm but I'm not sure. It was about 14-15 feet tall with intact rootball . Seems like it was never in ground, just in a huge nursery container. I chopped it at about1.5 -2 feet from where the trunk meets the root. That...
  5. NateDav

    Hokkaido Elm

    I recently acquired this really nice and very old hokkaido elm. I won it during an auction at my local bonsai society club meeting. I cleaned it out a bit to gain some semblance of shape and to remove some structural issues. I understand how brittle these can be so I anticipate it will...
  6. B

    Elm bonsai potting

    I recently purchased an elm bonsai. It came in a plastic pot with what seems to be regular soil. Should I replace the soil or wait till spring? An image of the soil is attached
  7. Bonsai_paul

    Elm doing well after its fall.....

    Its budding well after its fall out of its pot, Here is a better image of it with a proper camera. Next plan is to plan what needs to go next spring :-)
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