1. V

    Brittle Hindi Cypress "Verdoni"

    In hindsight I should not have bought this tree, but it seemed like a good deal in the moment at Home Depot. I figured the the brown needles were just sun scorch (there have been lots of high UV index days here in Connecticut USA this summer). When I got it home, I noticed many branches that...
  2. R

    HELP! Is it dead?!

    Going to really open up, this is embarrassing for me. I’m 35 yo and my mom is alarmingly obsessed with her bonsai trees. One in particular mut or runt of them actually. I ? understand. It’s not even that big. Like I could fit it in my clear NFL stadium bag and no one would even flinch. Size...
  3. Munir Atalla

    Gardenia rapidly dying please assist

    I received this plant a few weeks ago. I've been watering it every 2-3 days as recommended. It sits on my desk in a room with big windows-- but no direct sunlight. It's losing its leaves quickly--they're yellowing and growing spots. I have no idea why, but one theory is that even at night here...
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