english yew

  1. B

    Large English Yew Material (styling/development suggestions?)

    Hi everyone - fairly long time lurker, first time poster. I’ve been tinkering with nursery stock junipers and cotoneaster for 6 months or so. Reading and learning about bonsai for several years but only recently built up the nerve to have a go. I’m now a bit obsessed. Mostly practising...
  2. Sn0W

    Can I save a yellow Taxus Baccata?

    So today in a spur of the moment I purchased an English Yew from a garden centre that was 80% off, it's huge and something about it made me fall in love so without really thinking about it I purchased it and ran home. Now the tree is about 5 - 6ft but it's a yellowy colour all over. I know this...
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