1. CptnGlyn

    Euonymus alatus garden find potential shohin…

    I moved into my current house a few years back. In 2021 we decided to put veg beds in one section of the garden that was pretty overgrown. During clearance of the area, I discovered two Euonymus alatus that had been planted in by the previous owner. The soil was dreadful sucky clay mess covered...
  2. szelelaci

    Burning bush - informal broom

    I picked up this burning bush (euonymus alatus compactus) in a local hardware store almost for free. The trunk has nice taper, and as far as I could dug down there is a good start for a cool nebari too. I came up with a virt about what I think it could become in about 7-10 years. It requires to...
  3. Burning bush

    Burning bush

    This is the winter image of the dwarf burning bush I collected last Spring '10
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