european beech

  1. Gnarly Beech

    Gnarly Beech

    Hollow Fagus
  2. Powerful Fagus

    Powerful Fagus

  3. Fagus sylvatica

    Fagus sylvatica

  4. European Beech

    European Beech

  5. Fagus Sylvatica

    Fagus Sylvatica

    Night shot
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  8. Gsquared

    Has anyone ever done a severe chop on a copper beech?

    Wondering if anyone has reduced a large beech with a major chop? I saw one at a nursery and it doesn’t really have any branches on the lower part of the trunk where you’d want them. Root base and flare are good though. The first branch is about 16-18” up, so that would be the lowest to chop you...
  9. 20180218_124025.jpg


    Fagus Sylvatica in training
  10. ConorDash

    European Beech

    A European Beech I got from Bobby. Fairly established in its pot, I am waiting till next year to repot so I can chop this year. Its a good size, nice little base and movement in its trunk which I will increase upon with chop and grow. Leaves look nice... Then I cut its head off...
  11. Andrew Robson

    Large European Beech

    The most recent tree that my father and I purchased is this massive European Beech. The tree was delivered today by John Muth of Bonsai Northwest, who I purchased the tree from. John has had the tree for about 10 years, and prior to that it was grown in the ground by one of his students for...
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