european beech

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    Fagus sylvatica, European beech
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    Fagus sylvatica, European beech
  3. Beech



    Tricolor Beech development and re-potting

    I have one European beech that I got from a nursery last spring that i did a partial defoliation. I also cut back some of the leggy growth at the same time and the tree responded well by back budding in a few places. The issue that I had with that tree was the leaves where very yellow looking so...
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    Beech, Fagus
  6. veles616

    Question about "sweating"

    Hello! These buds look the same since November, I had to put a frost blanket on it as we have extremely cold winters. Should I put it in a plastic bag now? P.s. I'm new to bonsai so please don't be too harsh on me, I know the wires and wiring is far from good.
  7. A

    Yamadori Beech

    Just collected this yamadori beech. Really easy collect and tons of small fine roots. Kind of in doubt of how i should prune and style this? Any advise? :)
  8. ConorDash

    European Beech x10 - Starting at Step 2

    I picked up 10 young Beech trees as ground growing material. All fairly standard, long taproots, little to no movement in the trunks, but have a good size trunk to start with, at least. So without starting them as seeds, I'm starting at the beginning. Most of them, I can reduce the taproot a...
  9. parhamr

    Fagus sylvatica progression

    I’ve been working on this tree since June 2014. I think I’m working on an informal upright globe/flame sort of style. I’m inspired by Andrew Robson’s amazing beech. I have many years to go before this is show ready ;) As I bought it from Portland Nursery for about $12 in a 4" pot 2015 in a...
  10. T

    European Beech Tricolor...Broken in half

    Hey guys, I recently went to pick up an order from home depot and saw this beech broken in half. I inquired and they gave it to me for free. A few questions. Should I saw it a few inches lower so it is a clean wound? Should I apply cut paste? it looks like the trunk is thicker where it was...
  11. t_fareal

    My European Beech

    This is my European Beech... I got it in February but i just wanted to watch how it grows, how it likes to eat, what type of light/wind does it like before i started hacking and chopping at it.. I feel comfortable enough now to begin moving forward but i have a few questions (to start)... 1...
  12. Gnarly Beech

    Gnarly Beech

    Hollow Fagus
  13. Powerful Fagus

    Powerful Fagus

  14. Fagus sylvatica

    Fagus sylvatica

  15. European Beech

    European Beech

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  17. Gsquared

    Has anyone ever done a severe chop on a copper beech?

    Wondering if anyone has reduced a large beech with a major chop? I saw one at a nursery and it doesn’t really have any branches on the lower part of the trunk where you’d want them. Root base and flare are good though. The first branch is about 16-18” up, so that would be the lowest to chop you...
  18. ConorDash

    European Beech

    A European Beech I got from Bobby. Fairly established in its pot, I am waiting till next year to repot so I can chop this year. Its a good size, nice little base and movement in its trunk which I will increase upon with chop and grow. Leaves look nice... Then I cut its head off...
  19. Andrew Robson

    Large European Beech

    The most recent tree that my father and I purchased is this massive European Beech. The tree was delivered today by John Muth of Bonsai Northwest, who I purchased the tree from. John has had the tree for about 10 years, and prior to that it was grown in the ground by one of his students for...
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