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  1. T

    Where to buy pre-bonsai online in Europe?

    What are the best stores to buy pre-bonsai from? I'd love all species, but specifically Japanese maple. I can't seem to find any at my local nurseries and many I see online can be hundreds of euro. So what are the main stores to buy from? What are the best quality? What is the cheapest...
  2. A

    Where to buy good Pre Bonsai in Europe?

    So, basically I am feeling much better in my abilities and now I would like to try to use better quality material. Only looking for better material with better trunks and cared for better etc than typical nursery stock, not interested in yamadori...yet (however would like to learn how to...
  3. Josiana

    Repotting a mallsai juniperus communis

    Hello, I have a ginseng ficus, but am still quite new to bonsai (and this forum). Just yesterday I purchased a juniperus communis from a nursery. It has a very strange pot situation going on, it is in a very tall temporary pot, with the roots buried towards the bottom, and the remainder of the...
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