european hornbeam

  1. Bnana

    European hornbeam

    This hornbeam had to be removed from a garden and that allowed me to collect it and try to make something out of it. It has been collected end of December, not ideal but leaving it longer was no option. I removed a large part of the roots, the taproot and lower sidetroots, and there are only...
  2. ConorDash

    European Hornbeam #3

    Hello, A large (now my largest) twin trunk hornbeam. Currently in a very large airpot and really well established. Has been roughly shortened and cut back, just to fit in the car. No styling or anything else done for it yet. DSC_1263 by Conor Dashwood, on Flickr DSC_1258 by Conor Dashwood, on...
  3. ConorDash

    European Hornbeam #2

    Hello All, Tree from BobbyLane, bought this season 03-07-2019. Big lump of a multi-trunk thing. Bobby has done all the work on this so far, cut trunks shorter and hard cut back on any growth. It was in a huge air pot originally, he has also repotted so Its just for me to look at for now...
  4. Hornbeam


  5. Carpinus


  6. ConorDash

    European Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus)

    A hornbeam purchased from @BobbyLane in August 2018. Nice chunky trunk with movement, character, a good load of carving done by Bobby and good spread nebari to improve over time. DSC_0087 by Conor Dashwood, on Flickr DSC_0088 by Conor Dashwood, on Flickr DSC_0091 by Conor Dashwood, on Flickr...
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