european hornbeam

  1. ConorDash

    European Hornbeam #3

    Hello, A large (now my largest) twin trunk hornbeam. Currently in a very large airpot and really well established. Has been roughly shortened and cut back, just to fit in the car. No styling or anything else done for it yet. DSC_1263 by Conor Dashwood, on Flickr DSC_1258 by Conor Dashwood, on...
  2. ConorDash

    European Hornbeam #2

    Hello All, Tree from BobbyLane, bought this season 03-07-2019. Big lump of a multi-trunk thing. Bobby has done all the work on this so far, cut trunks shorter and hard cut back on any growth. It was in a huge air pot originally, he has also repotted so Its just for me to look at for now...
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  5. ConorDash

    European Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus)

    A hornbeam purchased from @BobbyLane in August 2018. Nice chunky trunk with movement, character, a good load of carving done by Bobby and good spread nebari to improve over time. DSC_0087 by Conor Dashwood, on Flickr DSC_0088 by Conor Dashwood, on Flickr DSC_0091 by Conor Dashwood, on Flickr...
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