1. Carapace

    Documentation of Abies nordmanniana sold as a christmas tree

    This nordman fir will be grown on a two balconies (N facing & S facing) in Bucharest. Photos will be posted tomorrow
  2. sixemkay

    Southern Catalpa Experiment

    Catalpa trees sprout up everywhere in my neighborhood, to the point that I consider them invasive. They have an interesting trunk texture, nice wide canopy, and seem indestructible... so I thought "why not dig one up and see what it can do?" To start with, I dug it up after it had leafed out...
  3. L

    Ficus religiosa experiment/murder

    To begin, I took an airlayer off a Ficus religiosa today. I know, terrible time of year but I got bored. Also, it’s been a relatively mild winter here in NE Florida and the plant is still pushing growth. The whole point of this experiment was to induce the accelerated formation of nebari by...
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