exposed root

  1. RJG2

    Neagari bougainvillea

    Root exposure (slowly) in progress. Progression posts are scattered over here (but I'll try to summarize in this thread): Current (@sorce pot):
  2. Faisal Ahmad

    Ixora Mini Dwarf (Red) Bonsai | Blossom | Informal Upright + Triple Trunk Style | H 25 cm

    Hi This is my Bonsai Ixora Mini Dwarf Growth Rate : Slow Soil Type : Peat, Black sand Soil pH : Acidic H : 25 cm please advice for things I can improve. thanks
  3. thumblessprimate1

    Japanese Black Pine from seed

    I grew a bunch of Japanese black pine seeds about 3 years ago. Funny how they quickly outgrow shohin size. This is only one I kept. Others were sold and I killed a few. I haven't gotten the hang of keeping them for bonsai. I wanted to go crazy last year and decandle late every branch. I didnt...
  4. L

    “Grey Owl” juniper

    The species of this cultivar are disputed although it’s listed as Juniperus virginiana from the nursery trade. Some argue there is chinensis in there. One thing I will say is it doesn’t have all the dreaded qualities of a virginiana. I bought this for $10 at a local hardware store a few months...
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