exposed roots

  1. Faisal Ahmad

    [WTS] Ixora Mini Dwarf (Red) Bonsai | Blossom | Informal Upright + Triple Trunk Style | H 25 cm

    Hi I want to sell my Bonsai Ixora Mini Dwarf. my base location in indonesia Bonsai Progress : 98 % (only waiting full blossom) Age Tree : 7 years Growth Rate : Slow Soil Type : Peat, Black sand Soil pH : Acidic please PM me if you interested
  2. walawelo

    Root over glass Ficus benjamina

    Hello Everyone, I have been dabbling with root over rock noob experiments (over 20). I say experiments because I wont find out if I succeeded till next year :). I have been watching some amazing threads on this forum and I have tried to watch every video there is about root over rock and exposed...
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