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  1. J

    Bonsai Auction/99 Cent Bonsai Shadiness - and a better alternative!

    Hi, I'm sure that many of you saw the recent post on the Facebook groups, Bonsai Auction and 99 Cent Bonsai. The admins of those pages, who are already notorious for being shady and cliquey, have decided to begin charging sellers and buyers to use the auction. The whole point of these groups...
  2. sorce

    Sam Miller, New Friend, New Pot!

    What a great guy! Been talking to Sam for a few about pottery, he is one of my official comrades now! This thing..... One of those beautifully directionalized joints that I just LOVE! New to the Auction, I thought someone "bought it now"...so I went and blew my load at the supply house...
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