fagus sylvatica

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    Fagus sylvatica, European beech
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    Fagus sylvatica, European beech
  3. FinnLakk

    Beech hedge, 60+ years old

    So I have the opportunity to collect as many of these European beeches as I like, they've been growing here for 60+ years. There's a couple in there with interesting trunks that would be worth having. However the problem comes as they need to be out of there by October and obviously the best...
  4. parhamr

    Fagus sylvatica progression

    I’ve been working on this tree since June 2014. I think I’m working on an informal upright globe/flame sort of style. I’m inspired by Andrew Robson’s amazing beech. I have many years to go before this is show ready ;) As I bought it from Portland Nursery for about $12 in a 4" pot 2015 in a...
  5. Fishtank307

    Beech forest

    Yesterday I made this forest of 15 European beech saplings. I'm pretty pleased with the result so far, still needs some guy wires here and there. Also, the trunks were almost all the same thickness. I'll probably add a few seedlings when I repot it and maybe take out 2 or 3 'bigger' trees...
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