fall colors

  1. I

    Trident Maple Scale - Foliage Changing

    Hi all. I’ve been following a number of your threads for quite a while, so thanks for all the help you’ve already shared. I live in Georgia and have a Trident Maple that’s been battling scale for most of the summer. I’d done the rubbing alcohol, q-tip, then fungicidal soap and neem oil...
  2. Vinnie Charity

    Hornbeam #4 Fall Colors...

    Summer colors... Early Fall... Today... Really looking forward to getting the custom pot I'm having made for this tree. I decided to copy @Carol 83's Beech and get one in a flat light turquoise/celadon color...
  3. Shan Anand

    RoR Trident Maple [Rocky]

    I am so excited today after acquiring this RoR Trident Maple from a club member! My first pics after I got it back home!
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