fertilizer cakes

  1. proninyaroslav

    Can crushed rapeseed be used instead of rapeseed meal as fertilizer?

    Hi. Traditionally, the Japanese use rapeseed meal as fertilizer. This is a non-waste production, they extract oil from seeds and use the resulting meal as fertilizer. But I wondered: is it possible to use simply crushed rapeseed seeds that have not been pressed for oil? Does the presence of oil...
  2. RobertB

    Decomposing Tea Bags / Good Tea Bags - Organics

    I first switched to organics in late spring. The first bags I made were out of coffee bags (sort of a pouch I folder over and stapled). Once applied I noticed small holes being torn into them within about 3 weeks or so and basically the hole bag had decomposed by two months with the organic...
  3. proninyaroslav

    Fungus on japanese fertilizer cake

    Hi. Recently I bought japanese fertilizer cakes. I didn't put them on top of the soil, but deepened them into the soil. It took 2 weeks, in some pots they began to mold. It turns out that the whole batch of fertilizers is infected with a fungus or the soil itself has been infected? Should I get...
  4. BonsaiButler

    What to do about thieves?

    Fertilizer thieves to be more specific. I have been using organic fertilizer for several years, I think it works great when it hasn't gone missing. What can i do to keep things off of my fertilizer? I really don't want to switch to inorganic for several reasons( don't want to debate that here)...
  5. Baldemotions

    Sumo Cakes

    I would like to introduce you to Sumo Cakes. 55 Cakes for $10 www.sumocakes.com Sumo Cakes are a balanced slow-release organic bonsai fertilizer product created by using 17 High Quality Ingredients that provide an abundance of natural Vitamins & Minerals to help promote Healthy and Strong...
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