ficus air layering

  1. AlexoftheCastle

    Help ROR Ficus bring sexy back, guidance/input please.

    Inherited my dads ROR ficus approx. 11 y.o. with the tree left to grow freely. Fear of killing the tree its been Semi-neglected the last 4 years, it's been great practice learning trees habits, and basic bonsai techniques(Thank you bonsainut community!) The lack of balance and unruly growth is...
  2. Bonsai Hunter

    Double Air Layering On Same Trunk - Ficus Racemosa / Cluster Fig Tree

    Tree species : Air-Layering started on : Jan 25, 2016 Having read & seen lot of air-layering examples online in late 2015, I was wondering if double air layering on same trunk was possible, out of curiosity. Though some said it is possible, I could...
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