ficus benjamina

  1. AlexoftheCastle

    Help ROR Ficus bring sexy back, guidance/input please.

    Inherited my dads ROR ficus approx. 11 y.o. with the tree left to grow freely. Fear of killing the tree its been Semi-neglected the last 4 years, it's been great practice learning trees habits, and basic bonsai techniques(Thank you bonsainut community!) The lack of balance and unruly growth is...
  2. pandacular

    F. benajmina cuttings under grow light

    I’ve had this cool “growhouse” lighted herb garden for a while…but I killed all the herbs I was growing. I’ve decided to repurpose it for growing cuttings from my Ficus benajmina, which is my only tropical tree. The cuttings are in perlite and chopped sphagnum, and I plan to mist a few times a...
  3. Faisal Ahmad

    Ficus Benjamina | Formal Style | Big Size

    Hi Currently, I'm developing my bonsai Benjamina. its almost 10 years now progress is still 50 %, I'm planning to put this giant tree to the ground so it can stimulate the branches to grow fast
  4. Coatimundi

    What direction would you take this Ficus Benjamina?

    Inherited a Ficus Benjamina last year. It was overgrown and badly in need of a prune so I decided to air layer and chop. Recovery went great and the tree seems to be healthy and vigorous. My intentions were to attempt to bonsai this beast. However, I am having a tough time trying to figure...
  5. DaManley

    Thoughts on repotting and pruning

    Hey everyone! Hopefully this is an appropriate thread to post my questions in. So I have two common beginner trees, Ficus Benjamina (Midnight, from what the person I bought it from told me) and a Chinese Elm. I am curious on people's thought of the current soil in each of them and on pruning...
  6. L

    Lorax7 Ficus Benjamina ‘Natasja’ #3 progression

    Got this from Home Depot a few years ago. It was originally a planting of several seedlings that were bound together. I dismantled the original group planting and put the seedlings in separate containers to grow them out. This was one of those individually grown seedlings. Here are pictures of...
  7. R

    Rpx - benjamina collection

    Starting this thread to document the development of my ficus Benjamin collection. All the trees in this thread have been propagated from an a pot of ficus Benjamina natsja sold at Wilko as indoor foliage plant for 5£. Unfortunately I am very bad at recording my trees development and I do not...
  8. MadSweatz

    Large Ficus

    What should I do with this Ficus? Its around 12 feet tall.
  9. T

    Ficus Benjamina restyling ideas

    Hello, I am looking for ideas to restyle a 20 yrs old ficus benjamina. The history is as follows - got the plant from a nursery as a pot with 4 straight stems 20 years ago - I fused the 4 trunks over the first few years - It almost almost completely dried 12 years ago, I cut all the deadwood...
  10. L

    Lorax7 Ficus Benjamina ‘Natasja‘ #2 progression

    Home Depot ficus consisting of multiple saplings tied together that I untied, repotted, wired, and grew separately. I just recently repotted and put some of them back together. My intention is to get these to fuse together into one funky pretzel of a tree.
  11. L

    Lorax7 Ficus Benjamina ‘Natasja’ #1 progression

    This was originally a Home Depot plant consisting of several saplings tied together. I separated them and repotted when I got it home and have been growing separately. Have done some pruning and wiring before but neglected to take pictures. Recently repotted some of those trees and brought them...
  12. H

    Yellow leaves! Help please!

    Any idea what could be wrong with our bonsai? She gets watered once a week and has direct sunlight. We’ve had her 4 years and have never had this problem! We recently moved from AL to CO but she’s never outside and we’ve changed nothing. Thank you in advance!
  13. DonovanC

    Ficus benjamina progress

    Just a progress thread. This lady started out as a “houseplant” which consisted of several cuttings. This one was towards the center and was almost entirely shaded out. I don’t plan to chop her at any point - this is a 40 year project. And today:
  14. walawelo

    Root over glass Ficus benjamina

    Hello Everyone, I have been dabbling with root over rock noob experiments (over 20). I say experiments because I wont find out if I succeeded till next year :). I have been watching some amazing threads on this forum and I have tried to watch every video there is about root over rock and exposed...
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