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  1. Viktor’s bonsai

    Stunted ficus

    I have a ficus microcarpa stump that I chopped back a few months ago, it’s not sprouting any shoots nor suckers. I could see some whitish callous tissue though on one of the ginseng like roots when i excavated the soil a little bit; which tells me it’s creating new roots. Any thoughts on why...
  2. BonsaiJ33

    Ficus Ginseng Help

    Hello, Very new to bonsai I tried to do my research before purchasing but got a ficus ginseng as a gift. It was root bound so I ordered a new pot with soil (it was organic apparently not the best I didn’t know). It’s on a window sill with plenty of sunshine. It’s been reported for 3 weeks now...
  3. Ficus Microcarpa

    Ficus Microcarpa

    7 inches tall. Collected in 2018. Found along a back fence behind an apartment building I used to live in.
  4. Hartinez

    ROR Ficus Wiandi

    I’ve posted this tree in my other Wiandi thread, but I feel like this tree will only improve and deserves its own thread. I don’t have great process photos unfortunately so nows a good a time as any to start taking and posting photos. I started the tree 2 years ago from a rooted cutting and...
  5. KleinM

    Neglected Ficus Natalensis

    Hi guys! So I have this Natal ficus and it was severely neglected. No pruning or repotting has been done to it in over 10 years or so. It was very pot bound in a small circular pot (the surface roots are hardened of in a circular pattern) and was potted into its current pot at the beginning of...
  6. CTHaynes

    Bonsai Noob - Feedback welcome

    I have just recently gotten into the amazing world of bonsai (not sure how I survived before this..) and have picked up a few different plants. I was looking for some feedback and possibly some great pointers that anyone may have. (And yes, I have looked around and have read plenty of the...
  7. B

    Help with shaping

    Pictures - I got this bonsai with no real experience with them. I don't really think this has the best shape I can get, but I don't know what would be a good shape for it. I would like to maybe have some sort of canopy with lots of aerial roots coming down, but I just don't know what to do. The...
  8. 252404212_10227791212030983_250458604067284408_n.jpg


    My ficus microcarpa Bonsaiis ready for festival season
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