ficus cutting

  1. glass_shark

    What are your thoughts on my worm?

    So, about a month ago I bought a ficus similar to the one shown, and chopped off one of the "legs" similarly to how I've shown on the tree below. Where the white line is on the left side is roughly where I chopped the other tree, and now I have what I have been calling "my worm" in the little...
  2. grb

    Need Advice - Ficus Chop and Repot

    Hi nuts, I just bought this ficus (photos below) and I am looking to repot it, prune the roots (if needed), and possibly chop at the magenta line I am wondering though, is this chop too big? And will it rebud? I'll post all updates to this thread!
  3. Kadebe

    Ficus Ginseng - my first cuttings

    My first time taking cuttings from a ficus... I hope they survive :p
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