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  1. S

    Ficus advice

    I've had this ficus microcarpa for a few years. I want to develop it into a better tree, which is why I'm considering removing the grafted foliage and trying to develop the tree with the foliage of the rootstock. I am not sure though, if this is a good idea. Would chopping the trunk and bending...
  2. H

    Mosaic virus?

  3. Ficus Microcarpa

    Ficus Microcarpa

    Found this tree growing along a fence behind an apartment building I lived in. 7 inches tall.
  4. Viktor’s bonsai

    Stunted ficus

    I have a ficus microcarpa stump that I chopped back a few months ago, it’s not sprouting any shoots nor suckers. I could see some whitish callous tissue though on one of the ginseng like roots when i excavated the soil a little bit; which tells me it’s creating new roots. Any thoughts on why...
  5. rafa8238

    Please help with my Ficus trunk

    Hey guys, so i have this ficus ginseng (microcarpa) and a few months ago it started to show this browinsh/yellow spots, i letted it go beacause i thought it would just go with less watering but it stills there. I used to spray water on the leaves more than its supposed to so i think thats the...
  6. Alaskanrocket

    Ficus Progression

    I wanted to post this to document my progress from Houseplant to tree in a pot. Some minimal back story, I got the tree about a year ago, mistakenly chopped it back a bunch and spent the rest of the winter and this summer waiting for it to recover. It spent the summer outside and did okay, I...
  7. L

    Lorax7 Tiger Bark Ficus #1

    Picked this up at Home Depot this spring. Repotted it and did an air layer on it in the spring (already harvested). Wired it today. Got some moist sphagnum around the base of the trunk to try to encourage it to grow some banyan style exposed roots.
  8. Apex37

    Ficus Work

    So these we’re my very first bonsai that I’ve been working on when I first started bonsai last year. Lots of work to go and made a few mistakes, but they’re better than nothing. I’ll try and stay on top of getting before and after photos, as I’ve come to realize I’m really bad at taking photos...
  9. F

    Problems with my Green Island (Ficus Microcarpa) - yellowing leaves & pests

    I have a Green Island Bonsai (Ficus Microcarpa) that was gifted to me at the end of November. I am unsure of the age of the bonsai, but its pot measures 9.25” x 6.5” at the top. Here is a picture of it when I first got it: I live in SE Florida and the plant is out on a balcony where it gets...
  10. B

    Funky looking Ficus microcarpa

    Should I just leave the existing leaves alone? From what I have been reading in other threads, I know I need to increase the humidity and fertilize. That one branch sprouted 5 or 6 new leaves in the last month. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  11. Apex37

    Styling Advice for Tiger Bark Ficus

    So little back story on this tree: This mallsai was originally gifted to me by my mother-in-law about 3 years back. I had a little interest in bonsai at the time, but definitely not seriously learning up or anything. Last year I started deciding to become serious with bonsai and after she...
  12. C

    Ficus Microcarpa help

    I currently have two ficus microcarpa. The first is tiny and I've had it since the fall. It seems to love my apartment conditions so I made a much larger investment on a second one. The new one is about 25" tall out of the pot, so something fairly large that I desperately want to keep alive...
  13. RJG2


    This is my first ficus (from Wigert's), and I'm not feeling inspired at all. No taper. Any suggestions? So far, the only things I can think of is the following chop (first notch halfway, then when mostly healed finish by air layering the top), or wrapping another container around the trunk and...
  14. JustinP

    Leggy Ficus

    Greetings y’all. I’ve been muddling through this bonsai hobby for a number of years, and I’ve got a question about this ficus microcarpa. I’ve had it for fifteen years or so, slowly working on a banyan style and as you can see, it’s way too leggy. I want to prune it waaay back, but am frankly...
  15. iHasaki

    Ficus duo, anyway semi cascade

    Hey there! A few years ago i bought this ficus. I think the base/trunk is a different variety than the foliage(Ficus Ginseng and Microcarpa. Supposedly to make it more attractive I guess. Now since short a branch with different leafs popped out of the Ginseng trunk. So perhaps it will grow two...
  16. Ryan H

    Tiger Ficus Cascade Progression

    Hey there nuts, I always really like when people post progression threads and keep them up. I also realized I haven't done one! I figured it'd start with this ficus trainer since I just worked on it recently. Plus ficus change quickly lol. Anyway this has been grown from a yearling now...
  17. cdefoe

    ficus microcarpa

    greetings, this is my ficus microcarpa. i just started getting into bonsai after attending the local club's spring auction in june. i have been practicing on some pre-bonsai material i've picked up at the auction and local garden centers. i've been doing a lot of reading and video watching...
  18. N

    Some Ficus Shohin Repottings

    My Tiger Barks are waking up early this year, so I'm starting to the repot. The first one, I call the Peanut Butter Ficus (it'll make sense momentarily). It was purchased at a regular nursery and was growing next to a schefflera in the same pot. I found that it had large tuber roots under the...
  19. Ficus #2

    Ficus #2

    1/15/2017 Bridge grafted using one of 2 sacrifice branches. Solid growth has smoothed out old wire marks.
  20. aframe

    Tiger Bark Ficus; in development

    partially defoliated 2 weeks ago. Can the growing tips be completely removed? Will this induce a better back budding response? Need to grow out a new leader and begin ramifications on the lower main branches. Thanks for lookin
  21. Ficus #2 8/16/2015

    Ficus #2 8/16/2015

    Repotted into larger container; roots looked weak.
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