ficus microcarpa

  1. C

    Ficus Microcarpa help

    I currently have two ficus microcarpa. The first is tiny and I've had it since the fall. It seems to love my apartment conditions so I made a much larger investment on a second one. The new one is about 25" tall out of the pot, so something fairly large that I desperately want to keep alive...
  2. JustinP

    Leggy Ficus

    Greetings y’all. I’ve been muddling through this bonsai hobby for a number of years, and I’ve got a question about this ficus microcarpa. I’ve had it for fifteen years or so, slowly working on a banyan style and as you can see, it’s way too leggy. I want to prune it waaay back, but am frankly...
  3. iHasaki

    Ficus duo, anyway semi cascade

    Hey there! A few years ago i bought this ficus. I think the base/trunk is a different variety than the foliage(Ficus Ginseng and Microcarpa. Supposedly to make it more attractive I guess. Now since short a branch with different leafs popped out of the Ginseng trunk. So perhaps it will grow two...
  4. Ryan H

    Tiger Ficus Cascade Progression

    Hey there nuts, I always really like when people post progression threads and keep them up. I also realized I haven't done one! I figured it'd start with this ficus trainer since I just worked on it recently. Plus ficus change quickly lol. Anyway this has been grown from a yearling now...
  5. cdefoe

    ficus microcarpa

    greetings, this is my ficus microcarpa. i just started getting into bonsai after attending the local club's spring auction in june. i have been practicing on some pre-bonsai material i've picked up at the auction and local garden centers. i've been doing a lot of reading and video watching...
  6. N

    Some Ficus Shohin Repottings

    My Tiger Barks are waking up early this year, so I'm starting to the repot. The first one, I call the Peanut Butter Ficus (it'll make sense momentarily). It was purchased at a regular nursery and was growing next to a schefflera in the same pot. I found that it had large tuber roots under the...
  7. Ficus #2

    Ficus #2

    1/15/2017 Bridge grafted using one of 2 sacrifice branches. Solid growth has smoothed out old wire marks.
  8. aframe

    Tiger Bark Ficus; in development

    partially defoliated 2 weeks ago. Can the growing tips be completely removed? Will this induce a better back budding response? Need to grow out a new leader and begin ramifications on the lower main branches. Thanks for lookin
  9. Ficus #2 8/16/2015

    Ficus #2 8/16/2015

    Repotted into larger container; roots looked weak.
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